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    Lost savegame since last update 5.0


    I have the deluxe version and since the begining I could play the DLC sunken treasure without problemas. Since the last update to 5.0, I can´t play my savegame of more than 35h. It says that I don't have the DLC. What is that??Any one have the same problem?
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    I also have the same problem. I bought the Deluxe version with the Sunken treasure DLC. I also plyed that DLC. Yesterday was fine and today it update the game to version 5 and now all my savegame are useless.

    Does not want to start saying the Sunken treasure is not install.

    Way to go Ubisoft !
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    Yup. I have 40 hours on my save and now the game is saying I don’t have the sunken treasures DLC. It was a bug Ubisoft introduced during the free weekend and now we are being extorted to continue playing our saves.

    Wanna continue? Better buy the DLC.

    I requested a refund due to not being able to access my data. I was denied and told ‘just wait’ ‘the team is working on it’

    It’s been two weeks since the initial bug was noted and we’ve heard nothing as far as a fix goes.

    As far as I’m concerned Ubisoft messed up. They say there isn’t a fix, but obviously the fix is just allowing those files to access the sunken treasure dlc as it did before.

    I’m betting on them just pushing it under the rug and banking on us giving up.

    I plan on opening a case daily.
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    I'm playing the campaign as a basic package and I was able to experience the sunken treasure DLC while playing.
    It was normal until yesterday, but after today's update, I can't load the save game with the above bug.
    I hope you'll fix the bug soon.
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    meme probléme il faut etre patient me dit-on
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    I have same problem, 44H playing and cant load my save game!!!
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    I have made a report and ask for refund or at least the Sunken Treasure DLC to unlock our savegame. All they say is you need to buy the DLC. We get screwed by letting us play the DLC and then make our 40+ hours of play useless and all we get from Ubisoft Support is we are sorry and buy the Season pass or the Sunken Treasure DLC.

    Yes right ! we got screwed and we get more screwed buy spending more money on DLC.

    I really suggest everyone in the same bag to report to Ubisoft and ask for a fix or at least the DLC as a compensation for this bug.
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    Same problem, i'm waiting for answer from italian support.

    It's ridicolous to spend (again) money for a content already purchased!

    (sorry for my english)
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    Hello paco449,

    Welcome to the forums! Thanks for reaching out. I am going to move your thread to our Dedicated player Support forum for assistance.

    You can also reach out directly to our team Here.
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    Originally Posted by UbiCosmos Go to original post
    I am going to move your thread to our Dedicated player Support forum for assistance.
    And what is the solution in this problem? There are plenty of people affected by the missing dlc bug since weeks
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