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    Weekly Tournament: what time does it start at? Are there more than 1 per day?

    Hi there. Every sunday, there's this Weekly Tournament with 8 songs instead of 3 around noon (I live in Latin America) and I catch it successfully.
    Question is: are there more than that only one at that time!?
    The World Dance Floor shows who has beaten the most bosses, won most tournaments AND the last Weekly Tournament winner but it just so happens that there's always another person there for the rest of the week instead of the player name I saw winning in my Tournament. Does that mean there's more Weekly Tournaments happening in the day? More after the one I usually play at?
    I just wish that somebody confirms if there's more Weekly Tournaments through the day (or week) or not.
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    That's a great question.

    A week or two ago, for the first time in months, I was planning to participate in the Weekly tournament, but I didn't find it at the time I expected. I thought I remembered the time correctly, including the daylight savings issue, having danced many times in previous years in both the summer and winter. But either I was wrong, or there was a large lag and I didn't wait long enough. Or maybe the time has changed? Is this time posted clearly on the 2019 website? If not, it should be.

    On Xbox Kinect, I see the name of the Weekly tournament winner, but all week I haven't seen a single message about who has won the most tournaments. And it's been months since I've seen the message for who has beaten the most bosses. I haven't even seen a boss battle in months (personally, I'm happy about that), and on my screen it seems like the number of times each boss has been beaten hasn't changed in a long time.

    Weeks ago when it was showing both the Weekly winner and the person who won the most tournaments, very often it was the same person showing for both. (I suppose it's possible that there is some technical issue that is crossing these up, but only someone who has been watching the Weekly leaderboards recently would have the data to determine this...)

    For one of the last Weekly tournaments I participated in in 2018, the person who "won" the tournament on the leaderboard on my screen wasn't named the winner of the Weekly tournament the next time I visited the dance floor, which I had thought was odd. At the time, I just figured there was a bit of a lag and there was a bit of predictive or projective scoring going on. (Speaking of which, one time I finished fourth or fifth in a Classic, then later that day on YouTube discovered a live stream from the person who finished third on my screen, and I was shocked to see that this person didn't even dance to the second or third songs, yet on my screen had earned about 39,000 points. I really wish they would make the WDF live scoring for Song votes, but move the tournaments to a not-quite-as-live event, say using actual scores that players have hit in the past hour or day or whatever and showing a final leaderboard once all the scores are in.)

    Also, on my screen, it seems that the announced winner of the Weekly tournament is always a player from my own platform, like it doesn't announce the overall winner of the Weekly when a player from a different platform wins it. I spent a week or two on the WDF on PS4 camera in the spring, and it seemed like different winners were announced for the two platforms (though my memory could just be fuzzy on that). Yet for the biweekly Seasonal tournament, it seems like it does show the overall winner regardless of platform. (Regarding cross-network play, I bet players across all the platforms would prefer to see an extra leaderboard showing only scores from the same platform. Everybody will surely feel better then. Even the Dancer of the Week could show separately for your own mode of game play, like showing only Move scores when you choose Move as the mode of gameplay, only Camera, only phone, only Kinect, etc. This would recognized a few more players, and on the dances that are hardest on a specific mode, it would make the goal seem slightly more attainable, or it would add a little motivation knowing that score was hit on the same mode of play. On the other hand, just imagine a top dancer on Wii U who has figured out how to hit 12900 on a dance that's really hard on Wii U, then goes to the WDF and finishes tenth on this dance with nine players in the 13000's, especially if this person doesn't know about cross-network play.)

    Thanks for asking about this. I hope some players or someone from the JD team has something to share (thank you to anyone who does).
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    Hi, I don't know about weekly tournaments, but I recently wrote a reply in the discussion about missing bosses. But since then no one replied.

    I was talking to support on facebook, and writing support ticket because boss is my last trophy to achieve. I really would like to have plat for this game. Especially when I have 98% of trophies.

    None of those path of support helped me so I was searching on my own and here's what I found out.
    I found some page with Just Dance 2019 that is showing all events since the start of Just Dance 2019 and there was calendar with Bosses.

    Don't mind that there are polish texts because calendar is in english.
    From what it states, there should be new set of bosses in september because the last ones were from Holiday Vibes. But for now I don't see any new bosses.
    There is also icon of tournament so maybe this is what you were asking for. It's all in september, but not much of september left. It would be nice if someone from JD Team would say anything in here.

    I hope that they won't forget about JD 2019 just because JD 2020 is coming.
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