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    I’ve got exactly the same issue - I own the season pass and the game content unlocked correctly, however I could only unlock one of the three botanical DLCs. Very annoying!
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    I just checked again today and still the 2 rewards are locked and I am missing the 2 twitch drop event items this update needs a patch, again season pass holder.
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    Same here
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    Same problem here. I got a notification from the twitch drops but never seen them in game and the duck pond and outdoor arcade are locked. I was able to get the flower bowl however and I already unlocked 3 garden sets so the DLC works great on its own.
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    Same here. Season Pass but no Botanica club reward unlocks. Also, the reward for owning Settlers 7 History Collection cannot be unlocked.
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    Same here, I can't unlock the botanica rewards. I also have the season pass.
    And what are the Twitch drops...
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    Same here, I own the DLC, the season pass and the Pioneers edition; I have the UPlay points too - locked :-(
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    I saw there was an update, so checked during my lunch break. It seems to be working now.

    But the Twitch Drops still aren't in for me.After they were gone when Botanica Launched.
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    Same.. even 4 twitch drops.
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    Same... no drops, no revarts
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