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    I own Botanica, but cannot unlock the Botanica rewards.


    I saw the news about three sweet new items for Anno.
    However even though I own the DLC, it's been activated and work in the game, I can't unlock the items and says I require to own Botanica DLC.
    I got enough Uplay coins or whatever the currency is called to buy them.

    Thanks though, for more excellent content <3

    Please help

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    Another one and an update! I had theTwitch Drops yesterday, but I actually found out now. I no longer own the Twitch drops. I had the white, anno 1800 flag and the Botanica sign!

    Now it's gone. Instead it shows the locked Duck Pond and the Locked Outdoor Arcade, which I can't unlock.

    Something weird is going on!

    So! Now No botanica rewards, and the Twitch drops are no longer in the game either.

    What's going on? Lol!

    -> But hey! The game is playable and the UI is so much more responsive and is triggering way smoother than before <3
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    Wait... I thought there were only two twitch drops? The flagpole and the billboard. Was there another one?

    Edit: I also have the same problem with not being able to unlock the same rewards, even though I have the Botanica DLC and season pass.
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    Sorry, of course, there are only 2! Strangely enough the flag in the news site is red, mine is white. But they don't seem to work in my on-going mutliplayer game
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    I can't unlock them either. Played a bit with new DLC enabled. save and exit game. restarted uplay. Still can't unlock it.
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    Same here thay are locked for me also and i have the season pass.
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    The Twitch Items are no longer in my game, apparently. I can no longer build the billboard and the flag.
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    I am having the same issue. Strangely i WAS allowed to unlock the Stone Flower Pot but the other two are still locked, despite them all sharing the same criteria
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    Same as above, I caved in and bought the season pass, only to find that neither the DLC rewards nor the twitch drops were unlocked in-game, the only relief is that at least twitch confirms I've gotten them even if I can't find them in-game. Hopefully, Ubi takes note and solves it soon.
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    they are in my saved game and if i use copy tool i can place them again, but they are not in build menu
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