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    Originally Posted by pewp3wonline Go to original post
    Is there any way to edit a post?

    I couldn't send the save file via the ubisoft support, but because of corona we can't send support tickets? Only live-chat is available
    Hi pewp3wonline! To edit a post, click on the "+" symbol next to the "Reply" button in your posts, that will open a drop-down menu where you can choose "Edit Post".

    As for contacting Support, there are 2 more ways to try if you like, you can try their Facebook or Twitter Support pages here:

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    Not that anyone at Ubisoft cares in the slightest, but GU 7.2 and GU 7.3 didn't fix this issue. Quelle surprise.

    I do understand that reproducing this issue might be trying, but how hard can it be to edit the savegames people send you with the respective item and send it back? Just to point it out again: This bug is blocking me since September 2019. That's 9 months. Women get children faster than you guys fix bugs... AND have a better communication regarding the progress.
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    Update: Game Update 8 did, once again NOT solve this issue.
    The communication regarding this issue is non existent.
    Savegame 60h+ still can't progress since over 9 months.
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    Yeah, it is really very uncool.
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    Judging from the Release-Notes of GU8.1, this Bug will still not be fixed.

    @Ubisoft: It would be so much easier if you just once and for all state that you will either not solve this bug (if its complexety surpases your competence) or are not prioriticing the solving of this bug (as it only concerns customers who have already paid for the first DLC and you simply don't care / give a furry rodent'd behind) or the bug is unsolvable (well... this may occur in IT-projects, although is definitely not the case here). That would save all those affected by this bug the time to continuously download and check the upcoming Game Updates with a minimal slither of hope that this thing might vanish in the depths of nothingness.
    Or you could just say anything. Write ANY updates whatsoever, other than "we can't reproduce this yet, please send more savegames". Since this only translates to "we won't fix your savegames, as we don't want to invest the money, capacity and time of our employees to fix this issue, since you already have paid for this bug-ridden DLC", which really doesn't put you in the best light.

    Just for once be honest in your responses... how hard can that be?

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    Just tested, as expected no change regarding this bug.
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    If you are still encountering this issue and haven't already please send us your save files, you can do so following the instructions in this link.

    If you have already done this would you please be able to advise your case number and I will be happy to look at this further.
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    If you would have bothered to actually read the threat, you would have noticed that I provided a save game via private message to Ubi-Thorlof. Same did other users.
    And why should the issue suddenly have fixed itself? Of course I'm still encountering it, that's the problem for the last 9ish months.
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    Thanks for doing that, FetterBruder! Our teams recently resolved this error in an update. However, if you are still encountering this issue, please ensure you have the most recent update installed. Should that fail to resolve this issue for you, please send us a fresh copy of your save file, so we can forward it to our investigating teams.
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    Hi @UbiExcellent,
    what exactly do you mean by "... resolved this error"? Should this error not occur anymore, or should a savegame (like mine) which is missing the final version of the book be fixed with the update you mentioned? As I stated above, I checked my savegame directly after installing Game Update 8.1 and I still couldn't find the book's version I'm supposed to read to progress in the quest line (i.e.: I still suffer from the error).
    So shall I resend you this affected save game, or is this behaviour expected?
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