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    Ubi-Thorlof's Avatar Anno Community Developer
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    Sorry for the late reply and the silence here in this thread.

    Thank you for the savegame, FetterBruder, we have forwarded this issue to the dev team.
    GU 5.3 was the last update we released (17 October) and no further patches were/are planned till the release of GU 6.0 in early December in order to fully focus on the development of the new content and fixing of known issues (with a playtest for it going on right now).

    As soon as we got more details about GU6.0 and/or this specific issue with the Sunken Treasure questline, we will let you know.
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    Restart quest via console?

    Hey Ubi-Thorlof,

    Cant you guys give us a console code to restart the whole questline? I got the same problem. At this point I really don't mind replaying the first steps, I just hope to recieve the museum items as a reward at the end for the collection.

    Looking forward to the solution and the upcoming DLC! Hopefully both at the same time ...
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    So after reading the Release Notes for Update 6, it appears that this bug still won't be adressed.
    @Ubi-Thorlof: Can you please confirm this?
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    i'm still stuck on finding incomplete nadasky's journal, the journal is just nowhere on the map, ships, etc. Was expecting it to be solved in 6.0 but it doesnt seem to be adressed.
    Could you confirm ?
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    I actually have the complete journal and the quest tells me to read it, but when I do the quest is not updated. So I can't continue the story either. The issue persists despite today's new patch / DLC. How can this still be a bug after several months?
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    I tested yesterday. As i feared, GU 6 didn't solve this bug, once again.
    So I guess I still won't buy any DLCs whatsoever until this crap is fixed. But hey, at least you guys brought out some new content that's probably also bugged as hell, judging from the threads on this forum...
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    Ubi-Houck's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff EMEA
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    Hey everyone!

    I just wanted to keep you updated that we are still looking into this issue.

    I am sorry for any inconvenience caused.
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    No rush. It's only been 4 months that the main story-line of the first proper DLC can't be played by players. No reason to hasten this. At least we already paid for the DLC...
    Honestly, communicating "nothing new" without any ETA on a fix or anything is just as helpful as not communicating at all.
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    Something changed with this update, the Item which was shown in my inventory is no longer there. It was named something like "Quest_item_stuck_intermediate" , the little star on the ship screen was shown when it was loaded. It looked like a treasure chest. Now I can't find it anywhere.

    Keep working on this, guys! Unless your marketing wants to advertise that Anno's DLCs "keep you on edge for months"!
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    Game Update 6.1 didn't solve this Bug, obviously.
    So I guess we're waiting for GU 7 to be disappointed again...
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