Alright so before we start flaming this feature understand something. We are trying to start an RS6 eSports league at the High School I work for and blood is usually the biggest turn off. Even if we could change the color would be great and have an easier push into allowing the game to be played in our lab. And yea while most of you will suggest just play it from home, unfortunately a lot of our kids that would play competitively do not live in town so internet bandwidth is pretty much non-existent at that point. Maybe a 1-3 down and .5 up (yea it's really that bad) But our school has a dedicated fiber line to handle all the bandwidth needed and a dedicated lab for our eSports room. Only thing holding us back is toning down certain settings such as blood or changing the color to make it more acceptable. Hope this reaches out to more dev team members for any advice. Or if anything Contact HSEL which is the league we would play under and have custom servers that would disable blood or change the color.