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    MP Fast forward glitch

    While playing MP on the xbox on and on the Switch, i sometimes get a Fast forward glitch at the start on some tracks, which makes the bike go super fast and out of control, which almost always causes a crash, i know a few others having this issue also, is there any fix for something like this?
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    Thank you for sharing this feedback with us.
    For further information, if you have a video showing this happening, please PM it to me.

    - Scottie
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    Keeba had it happen to her yesterday on the live stream. she can explain it.
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    This has also happened to me a couple times as well on the switch. I feel it happens sometimes when an opponent faults and, instead of penalizing them 5 seconds, it speeds the game up on the player that didn't wreck. Almost always caused me to wreck unless I'm somewhere I can let off the controller for a couple seconds. I've also noticed this sometimes, to a small degree, when near player ghosts on normal tracks.
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    Ive had this happen many many times on ps4. There seems to be a hint to when its going to happen. It happens after player info fades and the screen is just grey smoke, but before the level loads. If you see a lot of stuttering in the smoke or freezing, its likely going to happen. Everytime the fast takeoff, or no countdown also, happens, its preceded by this animation acting funny. I do not think the screen itself is the cause, but maybe players syncing up, or someone else in MP has a really poor connection, etc. Anyways, ive lost a few matches because of it, cuz i always wreck when it happens, but ive gotten used to it. Plus, it doesnt happeb very often.
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    Doesnt happen as much as it used to, I can usually tell when its gonna happen, still hard not to crash though, lol
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