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    Bugs ''some'' and suggestions/question for the game :)

    Me and some of my friends where so lucky to get beta keys,
    The game has a'lot of potential, but we had some issues/bugs and even questions for some of the feature.
    Otherwise the game where really fun and beautiful, i'm looking forward and hoping the best, good luck and stay safe.

    1: Deaspawning of vehicle while driving, afterwards i couldn't shoot ''happens alot''
    2: Couldn't clime some ladders around 10% fail rate
    3: Friends lagging while playing ''only there movement''
    4: One Area had pink and purple dots everywhere ''graphic glitch i guess''

    1: Couldn't reset skills, could be great for a fee if it where possible and only in the safe area or even in a shop
    2: Would be nice if it where possible to get it even harder then extreme difficulty. maby even lesser Gadget's ''Grenades, EMP, Mine's, ETC''
    so the player don't feel like a god when they are using everything at the same time
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    Thanks for your feedback and bug reports.

    I will forward them on to the team for investigation.
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