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    5 ruins appear on the map but cannot conquer them on the game.

    I am in the same situation, 5 ruins missing in Sonatus. One near the Gongobles, another one to east of Arkiva Anchor spire and three more surrounding the Abandoned Spaceport.

    There is nothing I can interact with.( I started playing before the first day one download was totally installed ) I would have paid for the 32GB cartridge if possible...

    Fix it please!!!
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    Originally Posted by katukinabarra Go to original post
    I started playing before the first day one download was totally installed
    Not sure how that's possible to do, but it suggests something to try.

    You might want to archive the Starlink game (Switch home screen > System Settings > Data Management > Quick Archive) then reinstall it. The redownload will take quite some time (over an hour for me on fast Wi-Fi) but you won't lose any of your progress/data. All you lose is the time waiting for the redownload to complete. I've done this twice. The first time fixed a bug I was experiencing, the second time didn't. I've got the game on an SD card, so that might be why I had an issue that redownloading fixed (the first time).
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    Hey katukinabarra!
    As suggested by Auld_Jack, can you let us know if you still experience the same issue after reinstalling the game.
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    There are still some problems

    Well, I did what you told me to do and it fixed some of the issues, but other issues remain.

    I haven't found where to interact in Catalog Prison in Vylus. I haven't played since March but I would say I already did something there while playing the main campaign (I have base game completed, not Crimsom Moon).

    The worst case is in Sonatus, there are 5 ruins which appear on the map (with no name at all! This is very strange). In fact, I would say at least some of them have been displaced some meters in space. Imagine you are where the map tells you the ruin is, but in fact, the ruin is about 100 or 200 meters away.

    I have already invested more than 100 hours in this game. I would say, if not all of them, I have already had conquered some of these ruins, it is very possible this has happened after an update.

    I woukd thank you if you reminded me the procedure I have to follow in order to upload pictures or videos of my situation.

    Thank you for your answers.
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    Originally Posted by katukinabarra Go to original post
    in Sonatus, there are 5 ruins which appear on the map (with no name at all! This is very strange).
    Hmm. There do exist a few unnamed ruins, but the ones I've seen have basically been on Kirite. One of those is used in the St. Grand's Secrets campaign (located between Leto City and Herbet Ruins). Others can be "activated" by requesting a mission from the Equinox. I don't think I've seen five in total.

    Oh, and these don't appear on the starmap, either. If yours are on the starmap with no names, that's different.

    Still, the mispositioning is odd.

    If you can give me a general idea of where they're located on the planet (yeah, that can be hard to describe), I'll take a look and see what I've got around there. Or if you prefer, you can start a new game (you can have three going at once) and check it out yourself.

    Added: I've located one unnamed (and unmapped) ruin on Sonatus, about 14 clicks out of Rock Hymn in the general direction of the Spaceport. It was assigned as a mission by the Equinox. It's a small town with an Electrum Rush Cache, but no hostiles so it can't become part of the Alliance. It's not counted among the "ruins" on the starmap screen.

    Another is located about 36 clicks from the Hervian Transformer in the general direction of Choral Array, right on the border between globes and giant ice crystals.
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    The Ruins I cannot conquer

    I have 5 in Sonatus, I know 5 are too many, there may have been a bug/glitch or I may have been stupid enough not to find them, but I already have invested enough time so I want to ask for help.


    1-Near the Gongobles

    I can see the ruins but I can't find anything to interact with, no decoding/hacking, no conquer after killing enemies, raiding the vault door does nothing


    Picture of the map


    Then I have the 3 ruins that surround the special place marked with a pyramid

    2- The first case is one of them, I would say it is not perfectly located, I may be correct or not, you tell me, I'm in the same situation, I can't conquer it.


    Picture of the map


    At this point I have started spamming the screenshot button, I'm feel so lost I can't say which photo is from which ruin, but I will put all of them in order in order to have some sense.

    another pic


    another pic


    another pic


    3- I think here I have jumped to another ruin, which is, again mislocated in my opinion.


    another one


    now a map picture


    I can't remeber if this is the last ruin of these three or I was continuing with the second of these three...


    another pic


    here comes another map picture


    Here I am continuing with these 3 ruins (the 2-4 ruins I need to conquer, without taking into account the Gonglobes one)


    map picture


    I don't know if this is one of those 3 or a picture of the last ruin i am missing in Sonatus


    Last ruin I am missing in Sonatus (I am sure in this case)


    Map of the `place (near Terminus)


    ANd I am experiencing problems to upload the las 3 pictures, which are of the ruin The Catalog Prison in Vylus. I will post the when Imgur lets me do it.

    Thank you in advance and sorry for the poor quality, I may have to consider making a video, but I haven't recorded anyone yet, ever (nintendo switch)
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    Hmmm. The "Completed" legend on my map for Sonatus shows only 14 possible ruins, not 19.

    The first map location you showed is the one I listed as 14 clicks out of Rock Hymn, and the last is the one I listed as 36 clicks from the Hervian Transformer.

    The three around the spaceport seem to have been kind-of combined into the spaceport in the current version. They aren't offered as Equinox missions. Have you found any Electrum Rush Caches in those three?

    Offhand, it looks to me like the basic problem is that your completion counter is showing those five as being completable, which (as you've found out) they're not. There are only 14 completable ruins on Sonatus. A secondary (and probably related) problem is that they're appearing on your starmap.
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    Thank you very much for your help. Let's hope somebody in Ubisoft can disable these 5 ruins so I can have Sonatus at its 100%.

    Anyway, it has happened very difficult to make them appear as a aleatory spawning mission. It seems so much probable to be asked to liberate an outpost, another ruin (not the ones I want, but a ruin I already have "orangED" in my map), a dreagnought or whatever.

    Even with that achieved, I would still have the Catalog Prison problem in Vylus. Anyway, this last case has happened to a lot of people so I hope this gets fixed in the next patch.

    And thank you again if you are a normal user instead of an Ubi employee (they usually have "Ubi-" before their nickname).
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    I definitely don't work for Ubi-Soft. Just a ridiculously dedicated player. I've got maybe 1500 hours of playing Starlink so far, having started a couple hundred different games. I like trying different pilots, ships, weapons, and strategies. I'm almost done with my current game, where "done" means getting to the point of building the Starlink towers. I don't really enjoy Act V (boss battle) and Act VI (Keep Atlas Safe), so I've only done those a couple of times.

    In my current game, I'm trying to maximize XP and weapon mastery (hence all-pilot levels), while using Expedition pilots -- Kharl and Fern -- to explore each planet first. The Expedition pilot concentrates on mapping, bringing observatories and workships into the alliance, solving Warden spires, and -- once they can -- building observatories and workshops as needed. They also try to collect fauna scans and organic samples, trying to bring all of the Discovered numbers green. I do let the Expedition pilot engage in combat as necessary to protect Expedition outposts, including pre-emptive removal of nearby extractors. Once the Expedition has done its work, I bring in other pilots to start cleaning up the planet. After maybe 15 hours of play, I've got 15 pilots up to level 11, with the three Star Fox team pilots left (and I'm working on Slippy.) Six planets are completed, with only ruins and wrecks on Necrom left to go, along with one outlaw hideout still active. And all of the side campaigns are still to be done.

    This game has shown me that I do not understand how weapon mastery affects the other pilots. It seemed simple, but apparently it's not. I may devote my next game to trying to suss that out.
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    Wow again

    You definitely have mastered the game. I will reach 140 hours soon, only one savedata. I like the game but "Keep Atlas Safe" seems a waste of time as the big enemies respawn endlessly. (One user asked to have option to turn this on/off, but I haven't read any news about this)

    I wanted to have all discoveries green, I have done last Starfox Missions and The Cradle campaign theae days as I coukdn't fix all the bugs myself. But thank you, you helped me a lot with other issues and finding the cause of those that still remain.

    It seems I have all space outlaw bases to conquer (I would say I had already 2 of them conquered and this has been reset as well, bit really don't know). {I have conquered a couple of them now and they fade normally in the map}

    I have seen all space shipwrecks are to be done, but the counter says 11/11 as if all of them were already done. Anyway, all white spaceshuttle icons are normal, I have conquered one and was faded as usual (but I don't know if I reached to liberate all of them before Crimsom Moon was released).

    I still have to do the Bounty Hunter campaign as well.

    But what irritates me the most is the 5 ruins and the Catalog Prison bug. Where should I send a ticket to ubisoft to report these bugs officially?

    Thank you in advance!
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