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    Why does Uplay+ doesn't have Blackflag?

    Uplay+ doesn't have Blackflag i don't know why.
    Uplay+ does have Freedom Cry but not Blackflag\

    Why is that?
    i tried to get an answer to that question in a long time but i haven't got answered yet, so can someone can tell me why the game is not in Uplay+?
    Thanks for your time
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    Why do you care. If it was to be there, it should already be. There are tons of games. You are not eligible for explanation since it is a subscription service. They could change, remove or add any title of their property. Subscription equals rental. Not ownership by any means.
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    I'm not saying they must add Blackflag but since they have all the assassin's creed franchise in the subscription it will be Silly of them not to add Blackflag,
    in the trailer they showed images of what games will be in the subscription service and Blackflag was one of them.
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    And the commercial says, complete library
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    I have black flag in uplay +
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    Thanks for the report! If you're unable to see this title on the webstore please check in the Uplay PC application, you should be able to add it here.
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    It will be hard to see, with the 404 error.
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