While I loved the Far Cry 3 campaign on the 360 I also enjoyed the separate co-op campaign.
The characters were fun and it was the only one that allowed 4 player co-op.
That is kind of a big deal. Co-op with more than two players. Having recently gotten the Far Cry 5 deluxe with Far Cry 3 with it I was very disappointed to find that it was single player only.
I understand taking out the multiplayer as FC5 already has this covered. But the 4 player co-op missing was part of the reason for getting the upgraded pack.
I do realise that if I had done more research into it to see what 'Classic' edition was I would have found this before hand.

Is there any chance that the co-op mode may be added at a latter date?
Or that a 4 player co-op could be added to FC5?

If anyone has heard anything I would be interested.