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    I love Carmina Rye! (Who is your favorite GFH?)

    Finally!! A Far Cry guns for hire/side character I actually feel sentimental too. That I love riding around with. That doesnt annoy you with cliche ******** ramblings, loud yelling or attracting guards. That isn't an animal that dies if you blink or some sort of fat redneck with a bazooka that kills you more than the enemy. She's everything a side character should be. Funny when she talks. Seldom talks. Unintrusive. There when you need her. Stealthy. And hot. Hot af.

    Carmina is a breath of fresh air. Don't get me wrong. I loved Cheeseburger and Hurk. But I never felt invested in them. Id sacrafice them for a perk magazine. And not give 0 ****s. But the investment of Nick Rye's daughter and the memories of the labor side quest from Far Cry 5. It all came full circle.

    Carmina has countless times revived me. Has countless times taken out enemies from behind while I drew their attention. She dies very rarely. And I just find her as close to playing with human AI as possible. Shes a great asset. The dog and pastor jerome die so much its pointless. But my max Level Carmina just kills monstrous animals on her own now.

    I love her backstory. I love her personality. Her skills. And shes pretty hot.

    Carmina is awesome!
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    Carmina to me os the worst!! she has almost or has blown me up too many times with her damn dynamite!! I usually use the dog or pig.. I would her if she would stop with the dynamite or use it as well as the random NPC girls I use in FC5 do their grenades..

    and the cliche ******** ramblings the 100th time she said I count my lucky starts I stopped using her for good.. she only seems to have 6 things she says over and over.

    As for hot and good fighter?? again the random NPC from Far Cry5 that had Red hair.. a black belly cut tight T shirt and biggg.. umm :P and tight jeans.. she can shoot a driver in a truck driving by from 200 yards or more.. every time..
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    She is the best, definitely. Her skills like dynamite I disabled by mod, so she now use just primary (or secondary) weapon. Moreover if I give her a silent weapon, hmm........
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