Hello all.
I am writing this for all the people who have a problem starting FC Arcade Editor, crashing immediately with the error "Display driver has stopped responding..."

My Editor was working fine at the begging for a few months, I spent more than 100 hours building stuff (posted under "Greekvamp" user).
After the last game patch, a few months ago, the Arcade Editor stopped working, FC5 game was still fine.

I need many pages to write how many things I've tried, from simple driver updates to re-installing windows and then FC5 again, changing power supply, nothing worked.
I've ex-changed more than 26 emails back and forth with ubisoft support and 7 with nvidia support. NOTHING worked, so finally I gave up.

2 days ago, I bought a new GFX, a gtx 1060 with 3gb ram.
My previous was a 750ti with 2gb ram.
Nothing else changed in my system, other software (besides drivers ofc) and hardware is the same as before.
Guess what, FC5 Arcade Editor works. Every time I try to load it.

I have the thought that the Arcade Editor (not the FC5 game) requires more than 2gb of GFX ram they have as min, or very very close to 2gb (considering that other software running on your pc uses some).
I know it's not an actual 'solution' to buy another card, just wanted to let all those frustrated people know my case.

B well.