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    Stuck on an adventure map

    I was headed to an adventure I'd already beaten to pass the time needed for an egg to hatch so I could move on to the next adventure, but when I was scrolling across the world map, it registered an adventure I HADN'T beaten yet being selected, and brought me onto it's map; I tried to get out of it, but whether I go to the sacred tree OR back to the main menu, and start the game back up in those ways, it takes me back to the adventure map instead of the world one; and since there's no world map button OR ship on the adventure map while the egg's there, that means I'm stuck on this adventure map until the egg already in my incubator hatches. PLEASE add a world map button Ubisoft, so I can get off adventure maps I don't wanna be on yet WITHOUT having to wait 1 or more hours for the egg in my incubator to hatch, PLEASE?
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    Hey ThjoriArison, I'm sorry to hear of this! Thanks a lot for sharing your feedback.
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