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    BUG : Warp and instadeath after breaking camp

    After breaking camp the camera zoomed to another point in the map (happened to be middle of the water). The camera travelled at "eye" level. When it stopped moving I spawned and died immediately.

    Can't re-create.

    Win10 (1903). 16GB. AMD R9 390.
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    this happened to me a few times

    one thrown to the sea and died

    the bivooac just south of the spanish fort type area of smugglers coves one was really bad died severeal times in a row

    flown half way across map and sorta hit a hill top and fell down hillside and survived with some injury

    somehow maybe holind escape at the breaking camp helped maybe, tho didnt see a #skip' ui that u get on way in but still helped i think!
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