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    Problem about the event : Beat the boss

    Hello, I would like to point out that boss fights are no longer available on ps4. It’s been about 1 month that I play 4 hours per day every day, but no boss appears. Other people have reported this problem on a community linked to Just Dance since it makes impossible to unlock the trophy "Who is the boss now ?" related... Currently only Tournament, Happy Hour, Song Vote and Team Battle events are available... Could you bring back the boss-related events, please?
    (Sorry for my english)
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    Sorry you're having trouble with this! From what I've seen online the bosses seem to be more rare in Just Dance 2019. They showed up last year on Halloween!
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    Got the same problem with Boss trophy

    Is there anybody that can confirm that bosses are still available on daily basis? It's my last trophy and would be nice to finish plat.
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    No boss encounters

    Good day
    Can you please confirm what is the problem with the boss trophy. I also logged a case as I have been playing for almost 2 months now and no boss encounter.
    There has to be a problem as the last time the trophy was achieved for a boss encounter was in July
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    I am writing to Ubisoft in many different ways and I still can't get any response.
    What I have found was a calendar with JD2019 events, all of those events took place as planned until now. Previous one was in July - Summer Vibes - and now there should have been one in September, but there wasn't any, so there were no new bosses.

    My question is why there was no event and if there is going to be one but delayed? If not then there will be no boss probably. I just hope they will not let us down just because JD2020 is coming soon
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    When I played JD 2019 today with Xbox Kinect, there was a message in the announcements describing a Beat the Boss event along with three new avatars.
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