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    Emotes, Prices, Greed, and general wtf

    Hi Everyone!
    ...here is a topic I am depressed not to see being talked about at all. Emotes.
    Emotes, as of January 2019 sometime, are no longer free from the game progression crates. Now they cost about 400 premium credits to buy, one at a time. 500 credits is 5 bucks, so these are about $4 a piece now.

    I have met a lot of people who are new to the Division. Contrary to many voices I hear talking about the game, it isn't "dead" "dying" or anything of the sort. In fact, the majority of people playing might well be folks who are not steeped in hundreds of hours talking trash in the dz chat aka "Playing PVP" - the majority might well be players who are still looking to finish their first classified sets.

    Consider as well, that many players are here from around the world, and not all of them seem to have the same ability to buy these credits from the premium store. I have a friend I met in the game, he is from Brazil. So far he only has Underground DLC, and he explained that it is very expensive for him - because he needs to convert his currency to dollars, then buy DLC. It would be the same for Emotes. I'm here after he asked me to explain to him if he can get Emotes from his Cypher Key caches.We were saying goodbye and emoting, and he saw some of mine and wanted to know how I got them. Explaining it PISSED ME OFF.

    "Oh, dude - I played this game in December last year, and I got only a few emotes from the caches, but then Ubisoft made them all available only for money, so now - sorry bro but if you want them you have to buy them from the premium vendor."
    ^^^^ Smile Devs. Smile Ubisoft. This is what you expected, what you engineered between FRIENDS. Your disgusting marketing ploys at work. To the players, you guys think they don't EXPECT us to do this? To SHOW our friends that we are cool, using these Emotes, and then explain that NOW our Friends need to BUY these if they want to be unique like us? ... it is EXACTLY what they want from us.
    I won't be using ANY of these now Premium Emotes ever again. It's DISGUSTING to me, that you all designed your marketing like this.

    The base game costs almost as much as Division 2, with each DLC costing about 15 bucks a pop (excluding the deals and one-offs you can get from other sites, these are just prices from steam and uplay which yes people still buy from) ... why in the world would Ubisoft take away Emotes, which are a fun way to interact with others - locking them behind a $4/piece paywall? ... There weren't even ANY kept in the free pool, it wasn't like most of the newer ones were made pay-only, all of them were free at one point (from what I understand) and now none of them are free. Ahhh but ya know, lets just necro the thread by xStriker_NerDx crying about Pred from like 2 years ago... Let's complain and beg for no swear words in this adult game...

    THIS, this trash about emotes, is abhorrent. ESPECIALLY in light of the unfinished mess that STILL is Division 2 - 6 months after "Release". Ubi are getting paid in the shade for every little thing about this franchise and only taking more from us (as of January 2019), while the new game many of us bought with the expectation of a SEQUEL, a CONTINUATION, an IMPROVEMENT built on the Game we ENJOY - is just left in the hands of people who would rather lie to themselves and the world about how they are "trying", "listening", "fixing".... I'd trade my "Gold" Division 2 for one base Division+DLC , so one more friend could get the chance to enjoy a GOOD GAME, without paying Ubisoft any more from their own pockets.
    Anyway rant over.

    Finally if ANY of yall even half-way defend $4 emotes ... $4 DOLLAR EMOTES cmon man. FOR ONE.
    I know a lot of you are sick beyond help, most of my fellow Americans especially - so when yall come and talk down to me, correct me, defend Ubisoft, pander to "devs", etc. I won't be surprised. In fact I probably won't even read it, my case is made.
    Later Nerds.
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