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    agreed the beta has deterred me from even thinking of buying this game with all points considered above.
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    @H.Streicher - I agree with the points you've made, apologies I have a tendency to brush over the actual good stuff!

    Don't get me wrong, on reflection I think they've improved almost every aspect of the mechanics that were common to both Wildlands and Breakpoint, ie the core gameplay. I'm a stickler for good AI so I'll always hone in on that from a personal perspective if I feel it's a bit off and in a game like this I think it's critical.

    If they tune the animations, vechicles, tweak the AI and fix the plethora of bugs then I would agree the core gameplay loop is much tighter and more refined.

    Anything to do with loot and inventory needs reworked though. Gear scores need to go. Drones need a bit of balancing as well.

    But yes, I'm definitely going to play the game because it really does scratch an itch.
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    @ vahndaar, with regard to stealth, it might be your approach that is causing you issues. I didn't really have too much trouble stealthing a base, it was just a matter of patience. The easiest way was to land a helicopter on roof the enemy could not access from the ground (no stairs or ladders up), and just pick them off at leisure. That was too easy, so I began to take them on at ground level.

    The heavies only required 2 sniper shots to the dome, which could be done in rapid succession; ping-boom. Of course the shot was heard, so I just ran to a different position and let them search my previous one. After that, it was just rinse and repeat. If you move to a different position after alerting the enemies, you can remain out of sight and in stealth. I also like to imagine I am causing them to think there is more than one sniper sighting in on the base (just for fun).

    The only thing that ruins the stealth immersion for me is those blasted overhead drones you mentioned before. I agree wholeheartedly with you there. I think they really wanted people not to overlook prone camouflage, as it is only useful for that purpose. Hopefully they will tone down the spotting ability of those and the patrol helicopters that can spot a soldier who is prone and underneath vegetation from 2 kilometers away. Also the fact that passing vehicles can hear your suppressed shot from 100+ meters away, and investigate your exact position. In my opinion, one suppressed sniper shot should not reveal the location of the sniper. Two shots-yes, they would be listening after the first and be able to estimate the location. But again, if you move to another location while staying out of the line of sight, you should be able to maintain a stealthy approach.
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