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    How to delete fleet in Black Flag?

    So I wanted to play this game and restarted. Just got the cove and was told to look at my fleet, and was greeted with 15 man of wars parked in 15 docks and tons of resources. Found out that the game seems to carry over the fleet from the last game. Is there a way to start all that from scratch?
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    Hello Darkwolfdemon,

    Welcome to the forums! I believe the only solution is to sell all of the ships. There is no way to just delete/reset them, unfortunately.
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    Well heck. Well, I sold all the ships and edited the gems to reduce them as low as possible. Cant undo the dock purchases. I think there were story beats that got me maps or something. Does that mean I automatically get them, or did those missions reset, or am I out of luck for getting those things?
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    If you completed the fleet missions that gave you treasure maps, you'll get them automatically with every new playthrough. And yes, UbiCosmos is right, there's no way - that I know of - to reset Kenway's Fleet. Possibly come the time that it's no longer supported on line, but until then...

    If you ever play AC Rogue however Cormac's Fleet is entirely offline and resets with every new playthrough.
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