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    Would any kind person be willing to help me out?

    So I've been making Far Cry 5 maps for a little over a year now, I've had a couple maps almost be a perfect 5 stars with a couple hundred plays, but then get like ten plays in a row and downvoted to four and a half and below. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to try my maps out, please, and tell me what's wrong with them, since I lack objectivity because I made them, I can't exactly tell. I am on xbox one, and my gamertag is Fofef.
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    This is the problem with voting, no real feedback.

    I'll have a look but I'm on PC so not sure if you can play Xbox maps?

    I'll get back to you either way!

    <update> can't do sorry! no maps are showing
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    Yeah it has to be same platform. Thank you for trying though! I appreciate it I agree, a comment section would be awesome to have, also if you can put a description of your map, so if you have any crazy ideas that alter gameplay, you can explain it instead of hoping the player figures it out
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    CLICK HERE for your profile on the Arcade Website, this shows all your published maps and ones you have added as favorites.
    I don't recognize those maps so have not played any yet (so many maps to try and not enough time) when I free up some time will jump into a couple and give them a go.
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    Thank you for the link! I'll try to remember that whenever I post anything map related. That'd be awesome if you're able to! I just want some honest criticism on what I can change, I won't give excuses or get angry😊
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