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    Patch Notes [October 4th, 2019]

    Hello everyone!

    Here’s a rundown of some topics we added to Sam this week:

    New Conversation Topics


    • Tell me about Rabbids coding!
    • What is Driver SF? \o/
    • Have you heard of Mario Kart Tour?
    • What are your plans for Halloween?

    Rainbow Six

    • Tell me about recruits in Rainbow Six Siege!
    • Give me Black Eyes spots on the new Kanal map!
    • Where to place my drone in the reworked Kanal?

    Watch Dogs

    • Can you really play as anyone in Watch Dogs 3?

    Ghost Recon

    • How do I recover stamina in Ghost Recon Breakpoint?
    • How does fatigue work in Ghost Recon Breakpoint?
    • How do I heal injuries in Breakpoint?
    • What are your best cqc tips in Breakpoint?

    Bug Fixes

    • Minor Bug fixes

    Ubisoft Club Team
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    Hi! Until now, i personal i finded 2 bugs,1 is with aim,dont stay how i puted. I selected to stay like in fps,and sometimes,i find to not aim like in fps,but like on shoulders. This is important when play as a sniper. 2- i taked an dead body to hiden,and surprise,whas imposible to make any action,to put down,trow,to crouch,lie,select weapon,etc. A 3,bug(if it is a bug),is when i play with team,when select Q,i have a big lag,lag apear when play in group. I not complain abbaut game,is wonderful,and i play again,but this kind of bugs,must be eliminated. Befor make updates with another things,search to repair bugs like this. Is important for players.
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    You got ****ty broadband buddy sorry to say, eveeytime people say lag they are from a country with ****ty Internet all around, move country and maybe you get a chance to escape these dumb unnecessary problems, i've never experienced what you have EVER, so = your country has **** broadband. Problem solved but not for you unfortunately 😔
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