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    9 FPS Stuttering Bug Walking Past Horses!

    My Specs

    Ryzen 1600x
    Gtx 1060 6gb Gaming X
    16 gb DDR4 3000MHZ


    I get stuttering when walking past horses for the first time. My fps is caped at 50 fps in game which gets rid of most stuttering but not this stuttering.

    With shader cache on it only happens the first time with 1 sec stuttering to 9fps. So it goes from 50 fps to 9 fps for a second.

    After the shader cache has being created I'm getting 0.01% lows of 43 fps which is good but the 9 fps stuttering is unacceptable and needs to be fixed.

    I'm using a normal 1tb hard drive. To reproduce this bug please delete Nvidia NV-cache and cap fps to 50 fps in game.

    Can you please confirm you have found this bug and a fix for next patch.

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    Ubi-Litten's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Oct 2018
    Hi there, that certainly sounds like a strange issue. Can you confirm this only occurs around horses or do you get frame stuttering at any other point in the game.? Also, if possible would you be able to capture a video clip of this so we can attempt to replicate your situation and get this looked into.
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    Here Is A Video Which I Created That Shows The Bug

    I did create a ubisoft support ticket and they have escalated my ticket and sent my video and game saves to the game development team.

    Yes, it is weird but this 10 fps stutter only happens when a horse is walking towards me and I'm walking past it. Here is the video I created showing the bug.

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    I don't think you guys have received my video and game saves yet. Please find a video and game saves below.

    Game saves



    You will need to turn of nvidia shader cache before testing for this bug and delete nv-cache. This bug is very easy to reproduce. Just load the same save as in my video and turn around. You will see a horse walking towards you in about 100 feet.

    Please let me know when you have reproduced this bug and if you have managed to fix it. It is definitely a game bug. Please let me know when you've fixed the bug and when you plan to release the fix in the next patch.


    Ryyzen 1600x
    Gtx 1060 6gb
    1tb hard drive
    16gb ddr4 3000 mhz memory
    Windows 10 Home
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    Ubisoft, Have you got any update on this bug and what has being done to fix it.

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    Hi philosophersorc,
    I noticed in the video that you have Vsync disabled, do you still have these fps spikes with the Vsync enabled ?
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    Yes, I am still getting the same stuttering bug with vsync turned on.
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