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    Suggestion: Please increase the Characters cap from 30 to 100

    I have done a story, well it is almost completed, but I couldn't complete it the way I wanted because of the NPC cap, a significant increase would be awesome.

    The story I am doing is about an invasion of a region, I wanted to make many groups of NPCs to give a sense of immersion but I can't (e.g. camps filled with soldiers, occupied temples and villages, blocks in the streets and so on…)
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    I know it's not the same thing but you can still use the kill objectives "category". With that tool you can set a kill objective on, for example, 10 Athenians without having to add 10 Athenian NPC's yourself. That's a great economy of NPC's but it's a bit difficult to calculate how many targets you can set. Hope it helps.
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    I totally agree with OP

    Ben_La_Fureur you’re right.

    But in some cases it is better to have separate Npcs.

    Example: Assault of a FORT with NPC

    First step:
    As historty's creator, I debug the story, and I look at the faction and the number of soldiers (Athenian or Spartan) automatically managed by the system, in this fort.
    I count 8 Athenians available.

    I then decide to put the following objective: Kill 6 Athenians.
    But the player is not alone to lead the assault: he is accompanied by 5 separate NPC of the opposing faction (ESCORT).
    In this case, if these 5 NPC kill more Athenians than it was expected, the quest CAN NOT be accomplished.
    This is the BIG difference between a KILL (character) and a KILL (generic).
    In a KILL (Character), even if it is not the player who kills the target, it is counted!

    Of course, when you know how it works, you can go and kill generic Npcs somewhere else to validate the quest.
    But it is not a viable solution, in the sense that it completely undermines the lore and history.
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    Thank you for the tip guys, but I am using places that in the vanilla game are empty (no NPCs) so I must use the story creator ones to fill them up
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    Tech you can glitch clone npcs with duel cloned quests. Aka to do this you would create a phase quest. That would say to kill X, but fail the quest, (invisible quest) within a quest. This allows you to add up to 400 npcs at any given time. But it is quite hard to do since it requires a lot of screwing around with end behaviour commands. This allows you to delete a npc, add another one and clone them up to 30 times.

    So in other words you can have up to 30 x 30 npcs at any given time within a single quest. And you can have up to 30 quests. So that is tech 30^3. That is kind of how the new exp exploit quest was made.

    But this when used properly allows you to make a boss that would seem like a god. Since he would have stages. But to make a single fight like that takes months. I am working on a fight with Zeus. Which will have you fight approximately 200 elite cultists at once, with many layers of objectives.
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    Hello Pincopallino097,

    Thanks for sharing your feedback with us! I can understand the desire for an increase in character cap for certain scenarios.

    I will pass your suggestion along to the team, we appreciate your thoughts!
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