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    Error message argyll 00141

    I have been getting this error message. Is there any fix for that.
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    I've been getting this error as well. I can't even get into the beta,
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    I’m also now getting this error. I checked Xbox’s site and it seems like there is a problem on their end. I can’t get into siege either
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    Same here.
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    Same here
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    trying to load beta and I keep getting the same message "ubisoft services are not available at this time. Please try again later. ARGYLL-00141
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    Same, no response about Ubi.... Toc toc toc, can u tell us what's wrong ?
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    My friend and I are both having the argyle connectivity issue as well. I was on for about 8h yesterday possibly more, went to hop on today and this is happening >_<
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    Xbox live server is crashed. google xbox live server status and you'll get the answer
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    Xbox live is down
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