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    Hey. I apologize if the question had been asked before, but I just couldn't find any proper answer on how to:
    1) Chat(text) to the rival comander?
    I know how to write 'To Team' messages, but can't figure any way to write to the enemies, though I know it's possible.
    2) Have voice chat with ur fellow commander?

    Would be greatful for any exhaustive explanation.
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    Had to come up with the idea myself. So it's shift+enter to write to all players - both allies and enemies. Helps letting out the steam if you have misfortune to play with a lagger.
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    I've done that before, sat there and told someone they should play campain mode to familiarize themselves with the game. And that they were lagging me out. Then I guess out of frustration he nuked one of his own nodes and killed two of his own units. I didn't lose a single unit that battle...

    I saved it on mission replays, cause I just had to. But with this recent update all my mission replays have vanished! And now my connection is always poor,(it seems to always be a little slow). So I don't even want to play that often anymore, cause more often then not I'm guaranteed to lose. To hell with that, I should be around 115 wins to 15 losses. Instead I'm somewhere around 120 wins to 45 losses. And now my rank keeps jumping from 10 to 12. I wonder, is your rank effected from wins and losses?

    22nd Tactical
    "Never give an inch!"
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    I think it is , my brother lost some unit ranks due to them dying, and his rank did go down.

    hope this helps


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