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    I am also a co leader but I bought the battle passes and like one card pack anyway I do the same thing finish the event for myself and then keep going hoping to get the next team pack so it can get frustrating when you have to play
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    Since negativity is not allowed, here I am full of love
    I love bugs and game malfunctions
    I love that packs does not contain what it supossed to
    I love that suddenly the game disconnects for no reason and lose the game, specially when this happens on challenge/tw
    I love cheaters/hackers
    But what I love the most is mecha timmy double shot ..

    Love you all

    EDIT: almost forgot my love to the units that suddenly revive
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    Oh please MarionCobre.
    Fixing the game balance would take hours at max, and players gave so many feedback when for 99,99% ignored, even if Toller lied to us saying the team was thinking about that.
    So yes, let's complain, if it's not enough, leave this game or disuad people to start this game, until they start to do things right.

    The dev team need to understand that the balance is completly broken, and how to adjust correctly the balance.
    And they need to fix all the bug and to made the server side.
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    I’m myself a dev on steam and sometimes the hate on steam is a mirror of the whole mankind , it really sucks. Best example the reviews of the new nba game. Extreme hate for a rather good game. I love southpark and the only problem I have is the balancing. If they would sell on steam those long waiting for balancing would never happen because of the pressure of steam reviews. Ok the whole game would never happen, because steam users bash everything with pay to win.xd the similar game minion masters on steam has no level ups for example and a lot balancing per month .

    However I understand your post. I also hate those negativity in combat from some people and hopefully they will balance Inca Craig soon with the biggest balancing problem solved. Most time I love this game it’s good for relaxing.
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    Well the problem is that these are fundamental issues with the game, which could make the whole experience a lot better, but are being ignored or fixed too slow for a very long time. Instead the focus is on new releases. See how they put 6ER packs out after the buff? Its a good game but could be much better if double hits and laging issues would be fixed and the overall card balancing adjusted. Buff Shaman Token, Dark Mage Craig, Pirate Timmy, Amazingly Randy, Nathan, gizmo Ike and so many more. Only nerf a few and dont nerf from that point on, only buffs if still needed.

    Only "nerf" is fixing incah craigs beam hitting behind NK.
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    I just started playing this game a few days ago. I've played a good handful of other apps and was pretty active on the forums as well. And I gotta say this forum page seems to be way less crying and a lot more legitimate feedback. Whether you're f2p or p2p it doesn't really matter people are going to be logging some long hours in on these apps. And when stuff is messed up it's helps hearing what's wrong so things can be quickly addressed. With that you're going to have people in peak stress mode hoping on the forum to let others know. And from the amount of people that are able to still come up with pretty decent ideas on how things could be fixed, even with some added frustrations, is a lot better than most forum sites I'm used. You might see it as *****ing and complaining but most of it at least comes with a purpose.

    The funny thing about it is in my opinion, this is a South Park themed game... I actually expected to see just absolute foolishness and foul humor plastered all throughout each thread. Yet it's actually quite legit. And I mean this in a good way of course. Just be thankful it's a lot more legitimate than most other apps and appreciate it is even is provided for you to use to post your opinions on. Or don't it's up to you. I just figured I'd throw it out there that it could be a helluva lot worse. Ain't tryin ta be a ****** and come out ya with the whole glass is half full rather then half empty type response but it kinda fits in this sorta situation. Rip me a new one in a reply if youd like. I'm not really the type to get butt hurt about ****. Just thought I'd add my two sense for the fun of it. Take care man.
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    What really annoys me is posts like this game is gonna die or go bankrupt. I played a game also handled by Ubisoft it was called the mighty quest for epic loot n it did go under despite all the forum suggestions and warnings. I have to wonder if at some point the devs think to themselves y kno what why keep messing with this game we made our money and the community is super toxic. If i come across as a kiss azz well honestly these devs don't have to keep updating the game.they don't have to listen to any of us and their is an old saying sumtin along the lines you get more done with honey than vinegar. Goodluck gettin what u want done in this game. If u piss the devs off im sure they gonna ignore you and like someone pointed out the games been put 3 yrs if they made enuf money within that time then honestly they could move on at any point.

    So my question is what is your objective by just being impatient and making threats about the game failing and basically saying these devs don't know how to do their job. Im not against critism but their is a serious lack of respect on the forums for the dev team and toller. I dont care if you all make fun of me for siding with the devs thats fine my goal is to give them hope some fans actually do appreciate their hard work.
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    When you face cheaters on daily bases, half of games end because of some random bug, and a lot of things works like they are not supposed to but you see that deva do nothing or they simply don’t care anymore, the posts start to get toxic.

    I get more and more frustrated by playing this game, everyday enjoy less and suppose that one day I simply quit playing, which is sad because I think is an awesome game
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