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  • Flamethrower

    6 40.00%
  • Lock On Cluster Rocket

    2 13.33%
  • Dual Wield SMGs

    3 20.00%
  • Attack Dog

    4 26.67%
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    New Specializations wish list

    I would like to see:
    - special grenade = Molotov's -
    - Bonus perk - 25 % additional damage to burning enemies.
    - Specialization perk "Singe"- if an enemy is killed by the Specialization, any enemies within 10 meters ignite, for each enemy ignited, an additional 2% burn damage is applied.
    - Skill perk - Flame turrets get a 10% range buff and can rotate 180 degrees.

    Lock On Cluster Rocket Launcher
    - Special grenade = Air-burst grenade -
    - Bonus perk "Kabooms" - Every 5th reload from empty grants 10 explosive rounds in equipped weapon -
    - Specialization perk - Specialization Rocket kills grant a full clip of explosive ammo to 1 weapon currently equipped, 3 or more kills will add explosive rounds to all weapons, max of 75 rounds per weapon.
    - Skill perk - Shields are immune to explosive damage, can occur once every 90 secs, every 3rd explosion against the shield will add 1 grenade to your inventory max of 3 additional grenades .

    Dual Wield SMGs
    - Special grenade = Armor destroying acid (like the chem launcher) -
    - Bonus perk - 5% critical hit damage & 10% Critical Hit Chance -
    - Specialization perk "Double Trouble"- While active every bullet that hits an enemy grants 2% Health, max of 150%, enemies killed by the specialization adds 5% armor.
    - Skill perk - Firefly can now revive downed teammates, can occur once every 90 secs. For every teammate revived, additional 10% health granted for 20 seconds, max of 25%.

    Warhound Attack Dog
    - Special grenade = Poison/Disorient -
    - Bonus perk - 5% protection from elites & 5% skill haste -
    - Specialization perk "Sick em Boy" - While active every enemy that is bitten by the dog results in 5% Bleed damage for 10 seconds. If that enemy dies, all enemies attacked after that will receive an additional 10% Bleed damage for 15 seconds.
    - Skill perk - Using the Hive while the dog is active will grant an extra 15% health to the attack dog, and 10% health to all teammates within 15 meters.

    - special grenade- Shock
    - Bonus perk - 10% Increased sprint speed -
    - Specialization Perk "Hammer Time Buff" - While active 90% of damage is ignored for 5 seconds Hitting an enemy with the hammer adds one second to the buff, while killing an enemy adds seconds (max of 10 seconds).
    - Skill perk - Drones have a 5% chance to apply shock damage to an enemy, if an enemy destroys the drone, it applies shock damage to that enemy.

    - Special grenade - Health drain
    - Bonus perk - 25% revive speed while reviving and being revived
    - Specialization Perk "Slice n Dice" - Ankle cutting vehicle that steals health and divides it equally among squad members within 10 meters. If the enemy dies an additional 15% health is granted to the cutter operator, and 10% health is granted to the squad for 30 seconds (max of 30% additional health)
    - Skill perk - Any skill deployed grants 25% health for duration of that skill, can occur once every 120 seconds.

    Dear UBI soft, I am available for hire heehee...
    List will be updated as more ideas from comments and myself are generated...
    What other specialization ideas do you guys away, and be civil...GO!
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    DarkKnight27us's Avatar Senior Member
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    You missed the obvious one. Dual wielding pistols! We already have the exotic holster that has two holsters but one is empty.
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    no flametrower!
    i hate it so much when other players in the group have this turret in usage...
    in TD1 it was gold, really, never went without it
    but in this game, all it does is obstruct your view.

    sadly i fear the worst that this is the next one.

    there will never be a dog companion in this game.

    i hope tho that there will be like a black tust engineer that can summon or construct a war doggo that has sufficient HP

    also to OP: nice fantasy u got there, but its just that, fantasy numbers, you cant just throw times and %ages in there without balancing
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    T73s37K's Avatar Member
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    ...How about a hacking device, which can hijack enemy assets (turrets, drones, warhounds, etc) as the signature weapon?
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    I like the hacking idea, can be called technician.
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    xcel30's Avatar Senior Member
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    Well a weird but popular one is some kind of medic one
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    Someone just give me the Hunter Ax as a Special Weapon. An entire specialization focused on melee and close quarters combat. I know it goes against a cover based shooter, but out would be interesting.
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    MerlinMMX's Avatar Senior Member
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    Dual wield pistols, Ive become really fond of the pistol after completing my own 1-GS500 Perma Death pistol only challenge.
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    Gunsmith/Armorsmith: The ability to recalibrate ALL of the stats or talents on your weapons/gear, not just one...
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    RushLoongHammer's Avatar Senior Member
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    Apart from a flamethrower spec I'd love to see a spec focusing on skills and advanced technology
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