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    Story Creator Mode Update: September 5

    Hey everyone,

    We'll be deploying a new Story Creator Mode Update tomorrow (September 5) during a scheduled maintenance starting at 9am EST | 3pm CEST.

    Story Creator mode downtime: 30 minutes

    Check out the most notable changes below.



    • New Features:
      • Kill Starter: Allows the creator to set the ability to start a Quest by eliminating the set target:

    • Feature Improvement:
    • Dialogue Editor: Added a Validation Warning when the number of Dialogues and the number of Sequences used is over a certain limit, that could cause a crash due to the amount of memory used.


    • Fixed: An issue where the Start Story and End Story blocks could be deleted.
    • Fixed: Multiple typos.
    • Fixed: An issue where the Validation Warning or Error would display underneath the right frame when editing a block.
    • Fixed: An issue where the Publish button would not update to Update without a refresh of the page.


    • New Tutorial Story: Learn more about the behaviors with Herodotus near the Temple of Achilles on the island of Skyros.
    • Subscribers and Subscribed Lists: You can now see who is subscribed to your profile and who you are subscribed to.
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    today i was creating a quest, but when i was trying to play it it says that it failed when it finished to load.
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    Features l am looking forward to:
    1. Usable boxes. Similar to "Destroy" option, but for boxes in houses, or caves, so you can get some quest items (like note or letter) without needing to kill someone;
    2. Similar to that - Messanger option. Should work like "Attack" - but instead of attacking, give a message or item. Can even be without dialog. Or even better - voiced general sentence: "I got something for you eagle bearer", or whatever;
    3. Option to spawn Spartan/Athenen soldier that would change based on who is controling the area during a playthrough.

    Just these at the moment.
    Good luck.
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    Good stuff Ubisoft team. Looking forward to using the new features.
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    Please add the ability to add mercenaries
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    when playing having fun with buddies are most favorite time
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