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    Hello Again! This is my new feedback. And it's important.

    It is with great sincerity that I come here once again to give my opinion of what is wrong and what can improve. But it is good that these opinions arrive in some DEV with some urgency, otherwise the game will flop!
    First let's look at what can be improved:
    Why? Because when night falls, it is almost impossible to see what lies ahead. Increase the range of headlights! Make them brighter! Making the night shorter doesn't solve any problem. By the way...

    - Night time.
    Nights are not short! I understand that time zone works different from where I live, but dusk at 23:30 pm and dawn at 2am makes no sense. Dusk should start at least 21:00 pm and dawn at 4:00 am! And improve visibility at night! And that leads us to ...

    -Night street racing!
    You might say, "Oh, but we have night races that can be accessed at any time. They have their own set times at night." Pfffff .....
    Improve this crap! Make racing appear on the map at night! With better prizes, greater chance of golden parts and even greater difficulty that could be called Extreme!
    Ah ... that reminds me too ...

    -Pro Settings
    Geez! Rework it! For the love of God!
    Have more options! Allow for a better gearbox change! Let us move each gear individually!
    This crap is so basic it's not even worth messing with the gearbox!
    "But you will end up copying Forza or Need for Speed!"
    INVALID argument. The Crew 2 is also a racing game. You need to have a proper setup!

    -Live Summit Awards
    It's not because new players have arrived that you should bring the events back! Stop it. Respect the exclusivity of vehicles for those who gave the blood to get them.

    Well ... what doesn't work:
    -Apartments in ALL CITIES, BUT NO ACCESSIBLE other than Miami and L.A. (for Season Pass owners).

    -Season Pass
    By the way: Season Pass was a great piece of sh ... sorry.
    Yes, there were several good cars, but they decided to bring cars that already had their first game! THIS IS SOMETHING INADMISSIBLE!
    Bring more NEW vehicles! I have several suggestions for brands already licensed within the game.

    Cars I'd like to see inside the game:
    Audi Quattro (Street / Rallycross)
    BMW M3 GTS (e92) (Street / Touring Car)
    RX-8 (or MazdaSpeed) (Street / Drift)
    Shelby Cobra (Street)
    Ferrari Testarossa (Street / Touring Car)
    Ferrari F50 (Street / Touring)
    McLaren F1 LT (Touring Car)
    Audi R8 LeMans Ultra (Touring Car)
    Aston Martin DB9 GT (Touring Car)
    Honda CBR 1300RR (Street)
    * Lexus LFA (HyperCar) *
    Volkswagen Golf r32 (Street / Touring Car)
    Volkswagen Sirocco (Street)
    Honda Civic Type-R 1992 (Street)
    Volkswagen POLO (Street / Rallycross)
    Volkswagen Beetle and Kombi (Street / Drift / Rallycross / RallyRaid)
    Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX 99 (Street / Drift)
    Mitsubishi 3000GT (Street / Drift)
    Nissan 240SX (Street / Drift)
    Nissan Silvia s-15 (Street / Drift)
    Nissan GT-R (r23 & r33) (Street / Drift / Touringcar)

    If you bring these car by DLC, I GUARANTEE that you will be able to sell a lot. That's what (and more) we players want!
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    ADDing MORE cars (some of them as a "DREAM come true" in a far far away future) !!!

    Touring Grand Masters

    -Porsche 911 GT1
    -Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR
    -Porsche 935 “Moby Dick”
    -Mazda 787B
    -Lotus Elise GT1
    -Lotus Esprit V8 GT1
    -Nissan R390 GT1
    -Lola T70
    -Ford GT40
    -Honda S2000 Spoon
    -Honda NSX “Castrol”
    -Enzo Ferrari FXX Evolucione

    Primal Beasts

    -Lamborghini Diablo SV with Rear Wing
    -Lamborghini Countach LP400s with Rear Wing
    -DeTomaso Pantera GTS
    -Plymouth Hemi Cuda
    -Pontiac GTO
    -Ford Mustang Boss 302
    -Noble M12 GTO3
    -Ascari KZ1
    -Marussia B2
    -Caterham 620r
    -Renault Clio V6
    -Honda S2000
    -Honda Integra
    -Honda NSX-R
    -Aston Martin V12 Vanquish
    -RUF CTR2
    -Scion FR-S
    -Ford Mustang Fox Body

    Golden Ages

    -Ford Escort Cosworth RS
    -Ford RS200
    -Renault R5 Turbo
    -Audi Quattro A1 Group B
    -BMW E26 M1 Rallye
    -Alpine A110
    -Porsche 944 Turbo

    Reckless Velocity

    -TVR Cerbera Speed 12 with Rear Wing
    -SSC Tuatara
    -SSC Ultimate Aero TT
    -Hennessey Venom GT
    -Enzo Ferrari
    -Aston Martin One-77
    -Jaguar XJ220
    -Noble M600
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