We need to have this feature on at all times period. I have had enough of teamkillers literally getting away with their toxic behavior. Everyone has been teamkilling on purpose on both sides there is at least 3-5 teamkills per match and it is getting EXTREMELY TIRING. I didn't pay money to babysit little spergs that decide to kill their team because they didn't get to use their favorite OP or because someone hurt their precious FEEWINGS.

This feature needs to be active at all times. This community is obviously too immature,too stupid and are unable to keep their mental illness under control. I don't care about how "unrealistic" it is. I am not paying hard earned money to stuck in spectator mode playing SECURITY GUARD just because somebody decided to throw a nitro cell on an Armor Pack and wipe out most of the team.

This community is UNBELIEVABLY TOXIC even more than CSGO and Overwatch combined! I am frankly done with this game. It is literally UNPLAYABLE. It has only gotten worse over time.