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    Sokrates's Trial - Mission bug - Cannot Progress (Minor Spolers)

    After starting the quest, talking to Sokrates' wife and following her, nothing happens. I watched a couple of YouTube videos of this quest and there is no "Witness" npc meeting us, just Xanthippe stopping and the quest updating to a blank objective.

    I have reloaded a save I made immediately prior to starting the quest, did a few conquest battles and went to other places far away like the Arena, saved and quit then power cycled (unplugged) my Xbox, to no avail. I'm unsure what to do as I've seen it start well for others. Please, any help would be appreciated.
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    Hey, I'm sorry to hear you've ran into an issue.

    Would it be possible to provide us with a video of what happens after talking to Sokrates' wife?

    This doesn't appear to be a known issue, but we can look into it for you.
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    Sure, but how would I go about that on Xbox?
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    I uploaded to YouTube. I hope this works.
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    I have the exact same bug in PS4
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