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    Far Cry 5 fishing solved at last

    I've been really getting frustrated with fishing in this game and when I tried to search for help I have not found any relevant or useful advice. Yesterday I cracked the secret by trial and error so I'll be happy to share it with everyone. In real life your gear and how long you struggle with the fish matters, but this is just a silly computer simulation that runs by its own rules. The fish never get tired in FC5 and their size or weight is inconsequential. The only thing that matters is your position on the shore. You must wade into the water as far as you can without having to float. Once you do that you'll catch any fish including the Admiral in 1-2 minutes tops. On the other hand, if you take a couple steps onto the solid ground you'll fight the fish infinitely without ever landing it. This could have been explained by an appropriate in-game tutorial, but those are practically non-existent this time. Anyway, good fishing and "be gentle with your rod".
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    It's really simple. On PC keep your rod LOW and you'll catch fish easily (even The Admiral or Ragnar) no problem.

    It kind of goes against the logic of pullling the rod up in order to fight against the fish (or what some people say about making extreme mouse movements), but it works every time.
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    The fishing is really easy and consistent in the game especially in comparison to RDR2.
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