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    Any changes in the past few days?
    Ubi is still holding 1€ in reserve, no invoice, no access, and I'm currently reluctant to try again.
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    Nope, I still have £12.99 held in reserve with no access to UPlay+ Customer Support just keep on saying no update, please refer to this post on the forum. It verges on the ridiculous. One week on and still the same.
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    Just got emailed from ubisoft about uplay+.. i gave it a shot and tried to pay again .. same story .. #404 error .. soo 4 attempts .. once got money back ..
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    Same here in Czech republic. Still 404
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    Uspray splash still now working. 6 times paid, only once got 1eur back. Greatness awaits.
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    Well I might as well jump in, Australia here and If I try so sign up from Uplay I get the not the right store error for your region and If i try there webpage Get the 404 error, see below


    I mean how hard is it.

    And now I have 4 outstanding authorizations on my account

    12 SEP POS AUTHORISATION UBISOFT PARIS FR Card Used **** $1.00 (this one was card)
    11 SEP POS AUTHORISATION UBISOFT PARIS FR Card Used **** $1.00 (this one was paypal)
    11 SEP POS AUTHORISATION UBISOFT PARIS FR Card Used **** $1.00 (card)
    11 SEP POS AUTHORISATION UBISOFT PARIS FR Card Used **** $1.00 (paypal)

    can anyone from ubisoft answer this for us please
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    Same here, I tried to subscribe to uplay+ to try the breakpoint beta at 3 different times but always got an error. One week later my bank account still shows 3 euro is being held in reserve?
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    So I still see there's no progress here. Can't access, can't cancel, can't do anything. I'm getting ready to tell my bank not to accept any withdrawals from Ubisoft
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    I was able to get Uplay+ with a new Uplay Acc and the same Card. Seems like there is a big error in the Database that some Users just can't subscribe.

    Besides that I am still waiting for my money of 3 failed attempts: 1x 15 Euro, 2x 1 Euro. The ignorance of Ubisoft is a slap in the face. It's been 1,5 weeks now and they still haven't fixed this.
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    404 is gone for me, but payment fails in 3 of my browsers and in the Uplay client
    Ordered something from another website without credit card issues, so it's not on my side
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