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    Just Dance 2017 não inicia no PC

    O jogo funcionava perfeitamente até um mês atrás, fiquei um tempo sem jogar e agora quando fui inicializar o jogo não abre. Já reinstalei e continua com o mesmo problema, alguém sabe como me ajudar?
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    Same here
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    A mesma coisa comigo!
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    problem with just dance 2017

    install the game but do not start,I tried to uninstall and reinstall but still the same problem,
    this since yesterday.

    I think it comes from the cloud because when I start the game the launcher stops on the message "synchronization with the cloud"

    thanks for fixing this problem quickly
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    O meu está com o mesmo problema, já reinstalei, já verifiquei os arquivos e nada. Ele tenta iniciar, depois vem uma mensagem que está sincronizando os jogos salvos na nuvem, depois nada fecha como se eu tivesse fechado.
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    I have the same problem!
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    Ubi-Trippn's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Hi folks,
    Can you please try the steps in our PC Troubleshooting FAQ

    If the issue persists please contact our technical support team on our support site as they will be able to assist in more detail.

    Please provide a DXDIAG and MSINFO report with the case so that the team can investigate.
    You can find instructions on how to create these files and attach them to this ticket in the links below:

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