Hello everyone,

Please find below a number of high impact issues that we are currently investigating. When we have more information to share we will update this post with the relevant details. We please ask for your patience and understanding as we work on identifying and resolving these issues.


Failed Payment Error
Description: We're aware of an issue where you'll receive a failed payment error when trying to subscribe to Uplay+.
Status: There are a number of reasons a payment can fail and for us to investigate further please get in contact with the support team.


Subscription Expired
Description: Users receives a message stating that their Uplay+ subscription has expired when attempting to add games to their library.
Status: We've resolved several issues that can cause your subscription to appear as if it's expired and are continuing to investigate ongoing cases. If you continue to have this issue please reach out to our support team so we can dig further into your case.

PayPal Payment Failure
Description: We have identified a specific issue in processing PayPal payments, this is causing some payments to fail which is leading to a suspension of the Uplay+ service.
Status: We have resolved an issue that was causing these problems, if you continue to experience failures in payments, please contact the support team: https://support.ubi.com

Uplay+ Invalid link to sign up on store home page
Description: The "Start your free trial" button on store.ubi.com currently points to an invalid url.
Status: Resolved
Workaround: Activate through: https://store.ubi.com/uplayplus/games

Unable To Activate Uplay+ Through Uplay
Description: Players are unable to activate Uplay+ through the Uplay PC application, either on the Uplay+ tab or store tab
Status: Resolved

Authorization Hold
Description: Players appear to be charged for the Uplay+ free trial.
Status: Please visit this thread for more information.

Pricing Error During Subscription on the web store
Description: An invalid price for a yearly subscription was displayed during the subscription process on the web store. Please note that this just a visual error.
Status: Resolved

Anno 1800 Not Included
Description: Anno 1800 is not included in Uplay+ subscription
Status: Resolved

Unable to Cancel
Description: Some users are unable to cancel their subscription.
Status: Resolved. Please visit this FAQ for more information about how to cancel your subscription. If you have issues cancelling your subscription please reach out to support.

Receive a 404 error after attempting to subscribe
Description: Users receive a 404 error page after completing payment, resulting in an authorization hold but not a successful subscription.
Status: We've resolved several cases related to this issue. If you continue to experience it please reach out to our support team so we can go into more detail with your specific case.

Unable to remove payment details after subscription has expired
Description: We're aware of an issue where some players are not able to remove their payment information after their subscription has expired.
Status: Resolved

Unable to subscribe to Uplay+ due to being on the wrong store
Description: Some players receive an error message that they are on the wrong store when trying to subscribe to Uplay+.
Status: We've resolved the issues we've identified that caused this to occur. If you continue to experience this please provide us with the following information in a dedicated post so we can futher investigate;
  • Country you are located in.
  • Where you are making the purchase (Store on the web or within Uplay)
  • The exact steps you went through before the issue happened. Please be as detailed and specific as possible so we can reproduce the issue on our side.