So when I found out Oninaki was coming out, I decided to download the demo. After playing the demo, I really liked what I was seeing, so I bought the game for $45. I finally just beat the game (there are two endings lol) and here are my final thoughts.

I thought the story was fantastic. It does start off kind of slow, and somethings don't really make a lot of sense, but after completing the game, I am blown away by how well the story was done. It was like a complete circle at the end, so everything tied up quite nicely. I chose the easy way out (if you have played the game you know what I mean by this) just simply because I wanted to be done with the game and Astral Chain is calling my name. I may go back and complete the game the other way, but for the time being, it's Astral Chain time.

Combat for me was okay at best. It is a typical hack and slash game. At first, the combat was super boring, but once I started to upgrade my daemons, the combat became a lot more fun for me in the long run. I do wish they would have added some more things to the combat though, because it does get boring near the end of the game. (Hence why I chose the easy way to finish the game).