You know Miyamoto, you know Aonuma and other people at Nintendo, don't you? But how about many of the directors, producers, coordinators and people that are working on many different games and you don't know even though they're on high positions? That's why this thread exists.

Thinking on that and as someone who really likes to look at credits and read about video games, I thought on create threads each day (or at least most days I can on the week) presenting a different Nintendo employee. Of course, this mostly will be a copy and paste, but, this is something that I think will get the attention as many wouldn't look at this information otherwise. With that said, I'll begin with a woman and her name is Kaori Ando:

Kaori Ando is a coordinator/director at Nintendo EPD under Hitoshi Yamagami in the production group 1, which works with external development companies in overseeing, production, directing, coordination and other aspects of development.vidmate mobdro word counter