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    Developer Update: Super Sci-Fi Week!

    Hey everyone, it’s Buck here to bring you the weekly news for South Park: Phone Destroyer. This week we’ve got a Legendary Season Reset, balance changes, Sci-Fi Week and a preview for next week’s Season 22 recap week.


    Here’s this week’s Weekly Timetable:

    Welcome to SCI-FI WEEK, New Kid! This week we’re taking some time to appreciate our spectacular Sci-Fi theme. On Tuesday, September 3rd, the 24-hour event will be a token collection event. You can earn tokens from PvP packs and PvP lockers after a victory in PvP.

    Also happening on Tuesday is the Legendary Season Reset and balance changes. All players in the Legendary PvP Arena, (which means you have 6000 or more Skill Rating in PvP) will get a reward pack, depending on your highest Arena earned during this season. Note: If you fall under 6000 you will fall out of the legendary arena and will not be eligible for a reward. Once the season reset goes live, all legendary players will lose 50% of their LSR above 6000. If you’ve not made it up to legendary yet, make sure to make the climb ASAP!

    Read more information about the balance changes coming down below!

    On Wednesday, September 4th, we’ll have the Sci-Fi Challenge. In this challenge, all Sci-Fi cards will have their HP and ATK increased by about 20%. It’s a perfect opportunity to use those newly released Visitors and newly buffed Sixth Element Randy!

    To kick off the weekend, we’ll have an Alien Drone Card usage event. This means you’ll get points for winning PvP matches with select cards. In order to complete the event, you’ll need to earn 100 points for the Solo portion and 2000 points for the Team portion! Here is the card list for the event:

    • A.W.E.S.O.M.E. O 4000
    • MR. MACKEY

    This weekend we'll also include the return of the weekend event leaderboard! Climb the leaderboard and win some sweet prizes (and bragging rights, of course).


    With the next season reset, on Tuesday, September 3rd we'll be rolling out some balance changes. We're making the following changes:

    [SCI-FI] Sixth-Element Randy - Base attack increased to 85 (from 75) and charge time reduced to 14.6 seconds (from 15)

    [FANTASY] Witch Garrison - Base HP increased to 375 (from 300), charge time reduced to 8 seconds (from 10) and ability radius increased to 4 (from 2.5)

    Summary of changes: Sixth Element Randy wasn't performing as well as we wanted when compared to his epic counterparts and other legendary cards. We wanted him to hit a bit harder and have the ability to spawn more Auto-Vacuums.

    Witch Garrison's ability was inconsistent and the smaller radius sometimes meant you could miss units that weren't close enough. With the changes we made, we wanted him to be able to use his ability more often and allow him to survive longer on the field.

    We're not ready to talk about balance changes that are coming beyond this week, but I can tell you that we've been hearing your thoughts. Some of the cards that are currently on our "watch list" are:

    • Dougies
    • Pope Timmy
    • Incan Craig
    • Several Superhero cards

    This doesn't mean we're going to make any changes to these cards specifically, or that we aren't looking at other cards, but these are some of the cards that are frequently mentioned by the community!


    In case you missed it: We have opened the official “South Park: Phone Destroyer Discord Server”. If you’re interested in joining, click HERE

    Please review the following Terms of Use and Policies before joining the Discord, as you’ll need to agree to these terms before gaining access.
    Ubisoft Terms of Use: https://legal.ubi.com/termsofuse/
    Ubisoft Privacy Policy: https://legal.ubi.com/privacypolicy/
    Discord Community Guidelines: https://discordapp.com/guidelines
    Discord Terms of Service: https://discordapp.com/terms


    As we’re getting closer to Season 23 of South Park, we’re going to have a week of events that came during the season. We’ll have more information about that in next week’s Developer Update!

    That's all I've got for now. Be sure to join the Discord server above by clicking on the image and chat with the rest of the community and with the Community Managers

    Until next time, we’ll see you on the streets of South Park!

    -Your Community Team!

    Tomorrow, Wednesday the 4th of September there will be a planned server maintenance starting at 4 AM EST / 8AM UTC. This is scheduled to last approximately 2 hours and the game will be unavailable during that time.
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    Grind Pope into handicapped dust, please!
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    Where’s the third legendary card???
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    Yeah! SciFi week....... with no SciFi buff or new SciFi legendary 😥
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    I must say addressing to players about balance changes...youre teasing them... Balance changes are needed if needed, and currently I like the 6er and witch buff, since they are trash currently. but really, if they keep adding in more and new cards.. then that is a balance change. And until or ever you stop adding in new units, then thats when you can do the balance.

    Otherwise what we really need IN SPPD, is a friendly fight options to modify the levels of cards/nk to test for TVT and just general custom fun for when you dont want to ladder. We can actually test out lv 4 kok magic and arrowstorm instead of having lv 2 epic fights and not get a proper feel. plus it a way for teams to train up other players and be a team. I dont care if you limit the level limit to what our library has.. meaning i cant use lv 4 DSR unless i have a lv 4 dsr. sure. but give us this mode.

    We could also use more buying options in the stores.. butters and cartman's shop only gives 4 options a day... MORE!!!!
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    Also a superhero tab to request cards, just like every other theme. It's long overdue.
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    Don’t get sucked into the rabbling of the vocal minority.

    Nothing wrong with those 3 cards on the watch list except maybe the sci fi Dougie could be toned down a bit.

    No one uses Prophet so that could be buffed, the other 2 are fine as is.
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    The game needs to be radically balanced in my opinion, not just a couple of cards, I’d say 80% need to be tweeked. All commons should be equal to blood elf Bebe, all rares should be equel to warboy tweek, all epics should be equal to mr slave, all legendarys should be equal to shield maiden Wendy. When I say equal to, I mean in terms of their usefulness, survivability, and value. I know it’s sort of a general statement and some cards like Pope need to be changed completely to be fair instead of potentially insanely overpowered. I see people getting all worked up over one or two cards, but in reality, only changing a couple of cards isn’t going to balance everything , it’s just going to make something else overpowered. What we desperately need for the games longevity and overall playability is for there to be countless numbers of card combinations that are competitively useable at the highest levels.
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    For the sweet love of Jesus, I spent the last 2 months requesting Powerfist Dougie in my team to level him up, please have mercy and don’t nerf him. Bounty Hunter Kyle is already a cripple since the last debuff. Doggies are absolutely fine as they are. As a matter of fact, the Superheroes theme has incredibly good Dougie counters in Lava, Superfart and Prof. Chaos.

    I’m generally against nerfs but if anything does need a nerf, it’s Ninjew, Medusa Bebe and Pope Timmy. Incan Craig is now a respectable counter to the super OP Mystical theme. Arrowstorm being an epic should do much more damage at Level 4 / 5 IMHO.
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    so yea, still no changes to zen (too cheap) Bradley... WDT still has too much health (around the same as SOMM 4 when it is only 3) and I hope those SHs are buffs not nerfs, can't say how OP a card is based on -1 levels

    nerf Medusa? at 3 it really isn't any better then BE 6 or Buccaneer 6
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