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    Do not waste your time or money!

    Ubisoft Support does not follow up in a timely or professional manner...

    AC Rebellion has numerous bugs (intentional and unintentional) which ruin game play...

    The nerfing and constant manipulation are nefarious attempts at extracting your hard earned money and wasting your time...

    I can and happily will share pics as evidence...

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    Pics or it didn't happen! Lol. ALL games are designed to make a profit. It's how they improve, and aside from the energy (recharge time) system, this is one of the best non mmo games for mobile.

    I thought I was harsh lol. Sheesh!

    Btw I haven't seen any nerfs in a year of playing...
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    Agree with Nightstakers80, that is a bit harsh. Sure there are bugs, as there are in every game or piece of software. From what I’ve seen if a bug affects play such as events, Ubi has been pretty good at offering compensation. And a decent compensation package too. Overall ACR is 1 of the most reasonable f2p games I’ve played. It could be improved, but it’s way nicer, less aggressive with its monetisation than many games.
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    Not to mention no global chat, trolls, scammers, virtual capitalism, fortifications and matching gems. If that's your thing more power to you.
    The beauty is in the simplicity. Again, I love the side-scroll style, as a Mario Bros, etc lover.
    Not too excited about the sudden ad popups (maybe we should get a choice and get rewards for choosing to watch), but overall this game is fun as hell.
    I think moderation is key. If you spend all your time waiting for intel it will drive you nuts indeed.
    Find a couple other games to play (Celtic-Heroes is an awesome, non pay to win mmo) and you wouldn't believe how much stress goes down vs dedication to one app!
    Either way, good luck!
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