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    You Just Met Murfy Achievement Bug

    Hello. I'm writing with regard to Raymen Legends for PC (purchased through Steam). There seems to be an achievement that cannot be unlocked, even though I met the requirements to unlock it. The achievement is called "You just met Murfy". Normally, the achievement should be unlockable just by completing the very first level of the game, however I have gone through the entire game and unlocked every other possible achievement besides this one. My internet connection is perfectly fine, and I'm able to unlock achievements in this game and other games without issues. According to the Steam forums, others have encountered the same issue as well (see link below).


    Please let me know if you're able to help in any way. Thank you.
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    Hey thanks for reaching out CStallion77, I see that our team was able to unlock the Ubisoft Club Action for you on your Club profile.

    Let us know if you run in to any other issues!
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