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    Throw the dice (bug)

    Merchant goods are not spawning...
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    I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing this issue.

    Please make sure you have the latest update (1.5.0) installed. To start the questline you must complete Perikles's Symposium. This will unlock the Island of Misfortune quest. After you have done that you will be able to start Xenia's questline which must be completed in the following order:

    . Red in the Wreckage
    . Lost and Found
    . Birds of a Feather
    . Sacred Vows
    . She Who Controls the Seas
    . Throw the Dice
    . Priceless Treasure

    If you have already collected the treasure maps from Autolykos's house before speaking to Autolykos the checkpoint is skipped. However if you go to the locations on the map you should be able to loot the items (Pan's Flute and Apollo's Lyre) and complete the quests. If you cannot remember collecting the maps please check your inventory to make sure you don't have them.

    I'd also recommend going into the game settings and enable guided mode if you currently have exploration mode active to see if that helps.

    If you are still experiencing issues and have met the requirements to complete the quest and have the latest update installed can you please confirm the following:

    . Which Xenia quest you currently have in your quest log and what the objective is?

    If you could also provide a video to show the issue you are experiencing this will help. In the video could you also show your quest log screen and your inventory.
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    I first spoke with the merchant, realizing it was bugged I collected the maps hoping to bypass the merchant all together. But I'm not able to pick up Apollo's lyre.
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