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    Animating objects

    So im trying to have vehicles drive toward my driveline from the BackGround, and also have some drive down my driveline towards my Rider. Ive watched the Redlynx tutorials and cant find anything that really helps. Are there any tutorials from other Builders out tuere covering this, or can anyone post a simple layout or formula to make this happen. Sorry for my ignorance, but im very new to editor, and still figuring a lot out. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Path Follow Event or Object Position Event
    If you want smooth curved animations go with Path Follow Event. If it's just a straight line motion, you can use either. I can't go into full detail at the moment, because it is late, and I need some sleep. If I get some time over the weekend, I can explain it more. The tutorials should explain the basics of these two tools.
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    https://youtu.be/xegLdESS8u4 this helped me understand how the path follow event thing worked, I found the redlynx tutorials to be extremely basic and not too helpful, swampballs also has some more in depth personal tutorials on his YouTube channel, explains and show more of how to do things rather than just telling what things can do.

    But if you're intending on using the moving cars on the drive line as things you'll be riding on, you'll want to use physics joint movement instead of ope or pfe. Actually pfe might work, never tried it but I'm pretty sure it's like an ope where you'll sink into it because the object is being removed and replaced every tick, whereas a physics joint is actual smooth motion
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    You will phase through both OPE and PFE. Use these for background animation. Use physics joints if you plan to make contact with them. I used a slider physics joint for a straight line movement, just had to keep it off the ground a little. On another test, I used 2 rotational hinges for the front and rear tires with angular motors enabled. (The moving truck example has this setup) just had to enable the motors. This works best as the bike does not phase through the vehicle. But more is required to get the animation to work just right without going off course.
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    ... ... all this language is foreign to me slider joint, rotational hinges, im sooook lost. We need a Trials Editor Dictionary!
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    Starting out the path follow event will be the easiest to do. That tutorial cynical posted is the one I followed and it was easy to understand and see how it works. SwampBalls has some great videos from fusion on OPEs.
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    In the Tools menu, scroll over to Examples, and then Physics. Use the Moving Truck as a reference. It uses Rotational Hinge type Physics Joints, on the tires, and has the angular motors on to make it move.
    This will work for on the driveline. Just play with the angular motor velocity and force in the properties angular settings.
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    I had seen the example, but never thought to see how it actually worked. Thanx Old_Rockman!
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    You welcome. I don't mind helping new builders when I can. I have enjoyed the trials editors a lot over the last decade, and will continue to enjoy every new adaptation of it.
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    Well keep checking back once in awhile on me. Ill probably need more help. I know my first build will not be stellar, but theres a lot of noob builds across the Trials series that are just a mess. From awful deco, to bad drivelines, and broken physics, i want my track to be fun and functional. So im taking my time trying to do it right. Plus, building and playing the game itself is hard to balance! Anyways, thanks for all the help so far, and any future help you might provide
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