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    Biggest Feature Missing!


    Just like in the animus control feature for assassins creed origins, we should have the ability to override faction relations among themselves and the player AS A WHOLE, meaning adjust the entire factions relations to another faction or the player.

    Lets say you want to make a story about the Player, a Spartan soldier and an Athenian soldier who find themselves lost in the woods and have to work together to fend off Artemis huntresses, In order to do so we would have to allow Spartans and Athenians to get along so we would adjust Spartans - Athenians = friendly,ally. without this option we could never do something like this because the would always fight.

    Now let's say you want to make a story where the player JOINS the Spartans as a recruit and gets shipped off to a nearby spartan fort for duty, without the option to adjust Spartan relations to the player the player could NEVER enter the fort being a restricted area. So we should be able to adjust Spartans - Player = Friendly,Ally. This way we could enter forts and camps and BE a spartan. This could also be useful in situations where the player goes "undercover" and disguises himself as a spartan and enters a fort incognito , but we would have to have the ability to make it so Spartans would not attack by default.

    If you wanted to make Spartans "lose their minds" and attack civilians Spartans - Civilians = Enemies. And you'd come across situations where maybe the player has to defend civilians from the crazed Spartans.


    It would be nice to actually REMOVE/Replace certain faction spawn points with another. For example, Want to make a particular fort part of a story but it's controlled by the wrong faction? Either REMOVE said faction from the fort all together and hand place your own characters in their stead OR set the fort to another factions control. This could be helpful in situations where maybe you want to make a story where a Spartan fort in the north was overrun by the Huntresses of Artemis and you have to take it back with a group of spartan soldiers. you would then alter faction relation Spartan - Player = Friendly,Ally and then set the fort to be controlled by the Huntresses of Artemis, so now you've set up the conditions to do such a story.

    Another feature that would be nice would be to create a way to allow factions to "ignore" a certain faction for a conditional amount of time. For example, want to spawn a bandit in the middle of an Athenian city to attack the player when he walks by? Right now you can't because the bandit faction will attack civilians and Athenians by default, so the situation wont play out how you want to. But if we can set Athenians/Civilians - Bandits = ignore then we can set up situations in areas like this.

    And lastly, the ability to decide and draw/erase on the map what is a restricted area, this combined with aforementioned features opens up A LOT of play possibilities.

    Thank you for reading,
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    Hello and welcome to the Forums, BrokenClassic.

    Thanks for sharing your suggestions with us.
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