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    Postures, Emotions, Gestures - visualized

    Chairete, everyone.

    I made a short video with all Emotions, Postures and available Gestures for myself, cause I always forget what gestures does what. So far I did it only for main player but I think I will do it for NPC as well cause they have more Postures. Maybe someone will find it useful.

    Game ON.

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    This is a good idea. I made a story showing these but never released it.
    I made it in a funny "going to drama school" type of story.
    Never released because i wanted to show the fluid transitions from one posture to another but never got it finished.
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    Hey there RCoil_LT,

    Welcome to the forums! This is really helpful, thanks for sharing it here and taking the time to create a video. I'm sure other fellow story creators can definitely find this compilation useful!
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    I have published an old 'tongue in cheek' story that i made when the SCM was new.
    So many updates since then made it obsolete, but it's still quite funny.
    Check it out in the day time and search for "SCM Drama School" - for a limited time only
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    This is fantastic!
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