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    I find find it hard to get unharmed when facing two or more soldiers becuas ewhen you lock on one the others will attack your rear side.

    but sometimes I can immediately click the right mouse button to deflect the blade but the chance is quite small

    Any skillful ''Altair'' can teach me some combat skills?
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    You, I believe, are the first person in the forum's history to be complaining about the combat being [i]too difficult[/i[...

    Props to you my man...
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    once you have counter just hold the right mouse button then click left when a guard swings at you.
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    jcchan, you can also play it safe and find yourself a wall to back up against -- that way no one can hit from behind. the whole fight system is built on timing -- you gotta watch out for openings. try grabbing one of them suddenly and throwing -- say, grab one behind you. and dance around them too -- don't just stand around. maybe even lead them on a chase to a rooftop and fight them there -- throw them off, they die.
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    Doesn't block block in all directions?
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    I believe that it doesn't help your back.

    Although it's pretty close to a full 360 degrees shield, but there is that blind spot.
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    While in defensive stance, Altair may or may not protect himself from behind. It's really randomized.
    I noticed this playing. If you're countering/grabbing/attacking someone else, you're vunerable to attack from behind. Sometimes if you're standing there (waiting for a guard to attack you so you can counter) someone will come up from behind and attack you. They might hit you (probable.) They might not.

    Don't worry. At the veeeery begining I had that issue, over a short amount of time you get better.
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    Might also help not to lock on to a single person. When you want to attack one person in particular, just move your camera angle to see the highlight around them, and then swing your sword.

    For example, I just reformatted, and thus started playing through for the 5th time. The first time I got to a Save The Citizen, it forced me to lock onto the guy. Of course, when you do that, they automatically know, and attack you first. I prefer to just run toward them, jump-stealth the standing guard, and then fight the rest. But of course, you won't be able to do that if you actually lock onto the guard.

    PS: ScytheOfGrim: To a novice player, the controls and fight system are difficult at first. They do take some getting used to. This person, jcchan, is not shy at all about stating that they're a novice.

    @ jcchan: Another thing I've noticed, that some new players tend to overlook, is that the game prefers you to take a more defensive stance. If you go in half-cocked trying to pick a fight every time and generally being an aggressive player, you're probably not going to do too well. If you play more defensively, and wait for the NPC to make the first move, and simply react to it, you'll have a much easier time. And then with more experience, you'll find a happy medium, a level where you can be aggressive when you want to, and otherwise can consider yourself to simply be taunting others.
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    once i'm in combat, i try to back up quickly with my guard down (backing up with your guard up is MUCH safer but also much slower) so i prefer to get back quickly so that all opponents are in front of me.

    once you're good at countering, whenever someone attacks from behind, try to aim the camera at them, then block/counter in their direction. it takes a while to get adjusted to being able to recognize when you're being attacked from the back, but once you've trained your brain for it it becomes second nature, and you'll be counter-killing guards left and right

    oh, and don't worry about the people that try to be condescending about how good they are at the combat. i've been a gamer for many years and even i had lots of trouble with combat in AC at first, so don't sweat it. it's a strange combination between hack'n'slash fighting and combo-oriented "arena" style fighting, so it certainly takes some getting used to even if you're good at fighting games in general
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    You made me feel better...longtime PC action gamer here, and that battle with Robert de Sable and his henchmen almost made me quit the game and uninstall it.

    After getting killed like 30 times, I went back this afternoon and diligently practice-replayed the Battle of Arsuf sequence six times, stopping short of the Robert battle, then jumped back in and killed Robert's whole bunch on the first retry, then went on to complete the game.

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