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    Story Creator Mode Update: August 29

    Hey everyone,

    We'll be deploying a new Story Creator Mode Update today (August 29) during a scheduled maintenance starting at 9am EST | 3pm CEST.

    Story Creator mode downtime: 30 minutes

    Check out the most notable changes below.



    • New Features:
      • Transaction: Allows the creator to set an item transaction between the PC and NPC during a dialog. It also checks that the PC has the item when he has to give it to the NPC, creating new branching options.
      • Clone: Allows the creator to clone, duplicate (similar to a Copy and Paste) certain operators, they are:
        • Escort Objective;
        • Zone Starter and Goto Objective;
        • Wait All (inside the Quest canvas);
        • Set Variable (in both the Quest canvas and Dialogue Editor);
        • Variable Condition (in both the Quest canvas and Dialogue Editor);
        • Sequence;
        • Choice Hub;
        • Random Branch, and;
        • Transaction.

      • Flee Behavior: Pick a location where the NPC will flee to. NPC may flee elsewhere after reaching this destination and will attempt to return when able to.

    • Feature Improvement:
    • Escort Objective: The Follow behavior is back! Set a Zone as the target destination and the NPC will follow the PC to the zone.
    • Dialogue Editor: Loading time in the Dialogue Editor has been improved.


    • Fixed: Question Mark inside Sequence and Choice Hub disappearing.
    • Fixed: Missing right-click contextual menu on Objective Groups.
    • Fixed: Able to make line breaks in dialogue lines, breaking how it is displayed in-game.


    • Update to the User Manual: Regarding the Gestures, Random Branch, Transaction and to the Escort Objective.
    • New Sub-Section: Learning to Create: Join Herodotus in his travels around Greece to learn the ins and outs of the Story Creator Mode. From the most basics techniques to the most advanced, there are tutorials for everyone. You can find a link to a collection of Tutorial Stories in the Introduction page and stay tuned for new Stories!!!
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    This is fantastic news, thanks to the team who saw fit to bring back the old escort objective back with zones and the new 'transaction' feature.
    I can't wait to try it out when it's available.
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    Glad you like this new update. We can't wait to play your future quests!
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    This is great news. Even though I am bummed that the multiple conversation hinted in the 1.5.0 update is not a reality, I am still happy to see that we can now give NPCs quest items and branch based on the result. Thanks for the effort you are making to have a great tool!
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    Finally! item transfers in dialogue! Your Story Creator is the most innovative thing we've seen in gaming for some time in my opinion, and these developments only reinforce that.
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    Also, a question - can we initiate a dialogue the moment we 'nearly kill' or 'disable' an NPC?

    For example fighting a 'boss' and then having them "downed", which lets you manually or automatically enter a dialogue to, say, determine their fate?

    Essentially, I see this might change how the "Can Be Killed" setting would work. Maybe a third option for 'Can Be Damaged'?
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    Originally Posted by Ubi-WhiteRoom Go to original post
    • Fixed: Able to make line breaks in dialogue lines, breaking how it is displayed in-game.

    The opposite is now true.
    You can no longer break down a dialogue line into smaller parts using RETURN. Before this update using RETURN in a dialogue allowed text to split to a new line. Now, nothing happens.

    UPDATE: I read this backwards. The original process ALLOWED the RETURN to generate a new line, thus messing up the visual on screen of dialogues. This change removes the ability to use the RETURN key. My bad!
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    Thanks, devs, for all the hard work. I am enjoying creating stories. I know that you are improving the ability to create unique stories, however, there are a few things I would like to see: More gestures/stances like dancing, laughing - the ability to put sounds for items, like coins clinking, battle sounds, etc. - doors that can be opened or closed - buttons/switches that will allow you to access certain areas or lighting torches. I wanted to create a story with a mysterious portal to another area but could not do this. Is there any way this could be made available. Also, in a murder mystery, I wanted to come upon a dead body, but couldn't find out how to do that. Would also like to have a story where I find an item and then investigate where it came from but couldn't do that, either because my understanding is you can't place items on the map, just in an NPC's inventory. Also, with the last update, my understanding is an NPC can give an item to the player, but what I am looking for is an item placed on the map by itself that the player finds. I know I can kill someone with an item on them, but I wanted to find an item in the story without doing that. Also, would like to be able to interact with animals, such as obtaining materials (like intestines) required for an NPC's "go fetch" quest. I know I can place an item on a person I have to kill, but would like some animals to do the same thing with. I know the creator option is a great idea and has great potential. I hope there will be more versatility with the creation mode available eventually.
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    Hello hespia0709,

    Thank you for your feedback. We are always looking for ways to improve the Story Creator Mode, and we take great value from all of the feedback.

    For the "Murder, Mystery" case that you have mention, I may have a solution for you, it may not be ideal, but I have done something similar in the Learning To Create - The Basics tutorial story. Here are some ways on how to tackle this:

    You can create 2 NPCs. Have one of the NPC set as an Elite with a combat archetype (I highly suggest the Cult Guards archetypes, since they won't attack other faction NPCs by default). Set that NPC as Ally by using the Relations behavior at the beginning of the first quest, so he won't attack the Player Character on sight. Also, use a Attack behavior and have the 2nd NPC as the target, again set the behavior at the very start of the quest. For the 2nd NPC, use a civilian archetype, since they are unarmed and easier to eliminate. Usually, you should see a corpse on the ground by the time you get there, since the 1st NPC should already have eliminated the second one. If you don't want the 1 NPC to be around, you can use a Travel behavior, after Attack behavior. Just make sure that they don't run concurrently.

    Alternatively, if you want the corpse to be found in a restricted zone (the red zones in the game e.g. The Spartan camps north of Athens), set the NPC with a different faction than the ones that are usually found in it. Bandits and Pirates may be a good faction candidate, since they are hostile to all factions (civilian, Spartans, Athenians, etc).

    The latter suggestion is what I have used for the tutorial story mentioned earlier. I have set a Bandit and Pirates NPC inside the Weapons Storage in Athens, where all of the Athenians soldiers attacked him. By the time that the player gets there, he is already dead.

    Hope this may help you towards the creation of amazing Stories and we will look forward to them!
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    The story mode feature is just so awesome. I've always been an AC fan, from AC 1, loving Desmond/Altair/Ezio story arc, to now Odyssey, which I find to be one of the most amazing mechanics and storyline
    I've been recently working on a story myself for the fun of it, but I've put it on hold, waiting for some more updates. New updates are looking rad, enabling transactions between dialogue should add a great depth to what I’m going for.
    But I am really curious as to what more possibilities are we going to be able to perform for the story mode?
    Being a huge Roleplay fan, being allowed to say perform emotes rather than just emotional display for dialogues would be amazing.
    Things that could possibly be interesting if there’s a possibility for:
    • Allowing us to add props, such as treasure chests with certain limitations as to the player will be able to loot so we are able to, for example, loot for mission items.
    • Editing pre-existing camps for the story creator mode only.
    • Emotes, such as hugs or a kiss for romantic story purposes.

    Anyway, I’m grateful just to be able to immerse myself in the game as it is and the story creator more was just the fab extra spice.
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