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    Far Cry a game series I have loved for quite a while

    I have come to give some feedback on Far Cry 5 I feel that so many missed the live events and that all the events in order should be put on infinite repeat for those who have missed them. You see I participated in these events from day one of the games release. I feel bad for the gamers that never got the chance to go and get all this cool stuff. I feel this would be fair or at least make all the live events items purchasable. This I feel is fair for everyone else. And this goes for all systems. PS4 , Xbox One , PC , whatever. Please developers , please do this.
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    Definitely not going to happen for FC5. The best we can hope is that Ubisoft take this issue into consideration for FC6.

    My honest opinion is that a triple-A flagship FC title only getting 6 months of support is pathetic and insulting to fans/consumers. Especially for a game which grossed $310m in it's first week of sales alone...

    Hopefully Ubisoft have learned their lesson regarding this issue and change their policy regarding future FC games. However, I suspect they will only do this if they implement a MTX model which continually generates money from people who have already purchased the game.

    Regarding these kind of practices, the future of gaming is going to be somewhat shady at best, and downright exploitative at worst.

    It genuinely amazes me that gamers ever allowed the industry to move in this direction in the first place.
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