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    I'm not sure I understand. You'd like cent's heavy parry punish to be a heavy?

    "After a heavy parry heavies are not guaranteed and side heavies don't even hit the opponent"

    Standard punish for heavy parry is a light or zone.
    Not for all characters. Also, you need to take into account the dmg numbers rather than whether or not it is a light, a heavy or a zone. There are plenty of other characters that dish out that sort of dmg on a heavy parry. For example shaolin with 24 dmg (triple side light), warlord with his zone (25 dmg) and aramusha with his heavy (25 dmg). For more examples look in the max punish tab of this community doc of the competitive for honor subreddit: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...gid=1447833472

    Cent was one of those characters that got easy 25 dmg on a heavy parry with a heavy but also on the other hand received the very same amount on a light parry. Therefore he had a unique punish unbalance that is now targeted with the new changes since he can get a charged heavy now for 30 dmg on a light parry (but still resides on the lower end of the roster with that).

    If I would take a guess I think they assume centurion to land more normal hits during the fight and in 4s gain further damage due to the haymaker feat. So I am overall not sure tbh whether or not I would want to have a guaranteed heavy on his heavy parry but I know that it is very disadvantageous to whiff right in front of your opponent unintentionally.

    What's also the problem here atm is that since the punish for heavies is usually a light (i. e. after a parry counter) the opponent can backdodge out of the entire following mixup and avoid it all the same. If it were are heavy, he could not.
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    Warlord does seem to have a little more range, wich is nice because whiffing in a team fight when others land on you no problem is... annoying lol. Zone, all block heavy and heavy finishers are quite useful in team fights to counter the lack of range.

    Did I say side dodge headbutt on my last post? Side dodge headbutt would be nice. I like that we can delay the headbutt a bit, don't change this please it's almost his only mind game (forward dodge, forward buffered headbutt or delayed headbutt.)

    Still not much to threaten a turtle. Soft-feintable unblockable? Seems to work for other heroes lol. But I like his undodgable the way they are. Let's not make every class the same. Maybe from all block, heavy could be unblockable soft feint into leaping heavy with a decent amount of tracking? But not to much. Nothing like what you gave hitokiri's charged heavy... No...that would be to much! 😁

    Good work
    I actually had fun playing him in dominion.
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    Warlord Suggestions

    The following is my take on how to improve the Warlord as a Harasser as well as make him more aggressive in general.

    Attack-Chain set:
    Add the following chains:

    • LLH
    • HLH

    Chain Starters:
    • Zone Attack
    • Board and Blade
    • Block and Stab
    • Shield Counter
    • Headbutt Riposte

    Add Chain Finishers to Combos:
    Allow the following to be followed by a chain finisher:

    • Headsplitter Leap Combo
    • Shield Counter Combo
    • Headbutt and Stab
    • Headbutt Combo

    Unblockable Heavies:
    • Heavy finishers

    Soft-Feints and Cancel Options:

    • Soft-feint initial heavies with Shield Counter or Shield Counter Combo by pressing the guardbreak button.
    • Make Board and Blade feintable.
    • Allow chains to be cancelled with his Zone Attack.
    • Allow chains to be cancelled with Full Block Stance.
    • Soft-feint heavies with Full Block Stance.
    • Give the Headsplitter and its alternates the following:
      • Standard feint - even in mid-air
      • Guardbreak soft-feint - upon landing

    • Allow chains to be cancelled with a Dodge/Dodge Attack. This will allow the Warlord to cancel his chains with Headbutt or Headsplitter Leap Alternate and their variations. This can be used to extend the chain. For example:

    From HLH to...
    -> L -> Headbutt and Stab -> chain finisher OR
    H -> L -> Headsplitter Leap Combo -> chain finisher

    Dodge Blocking and Counters:
    Give the Warlord's dodge the superior block property to allow him to dodge-block. With a successful dodge-block, allow him to do the following:

    • Headbutt Risposte
    • Headbutt Combo
    • Block and Stab
    • Board and Blade

    If the Warlord does a left dodge-block, his Board and Blade would attack from the right and vice-versa. An alternative would be to make his Board and Blade unblockable in this situation.
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    Centurion Suggestions

    I do like the rework. It's a definite improvement but I still would like even more mix-ups so I suggest the following:

    Legion Kick:
    Allow Legion Kick to wall-splat opponents. Apart from being very useful, this would help give back the old feel of the Centurion without the cutscenes.

    Chain Attacks:

    • Give Cent a full set of 3-hit attack chains.
    • Heavies that are the 2nd or 3rd strike in a chain can be charged to unblockable.

    Cancel Options and Soft Feints:
    • Cancel chains with a Zone Attack
    • Cancel chains with a dodge/dodge attack to allow Cent to use Legion Kick and Eagle's Fury Alternate in chains

    Give Eagle's Fury and it's alternate the following:
    • Standard feint, even in mid-air.
    • Guardbreak soft-feint when landing
    • Jab soft-feint when landing

    Give Cent's Zone Attack the following cancel options:
    • Dodge/dodge attack to access Legion Kick and Eagle's Fury
    • Jab

    Not only will these mix-ups help in duels but also when fighting multiple opponents in team battles.
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    Gladiator Suggestions

    The current improvements do help but, as I said about Cent, I would like Glad to have some
    more mix-ups as well:

    Chain attacks:
    Add a full set of 3-hit or 4-hit chains to the current kit. I feel that Glad needs heavy-to-light chains to improve his mix-ups and offense in general.

    Cancel options and soft-feints:
    Give Glad's chain attacks the following cancel options:
    • dodge/dodge attacks - apart from more mix-ups, this will allow Glad to perform deflects during chains when facing multiple opponents.

    Give the Zone Attack the following cancel options after the first strike:
    • Fuscins Ictus(toe stab)
    • Skewer
    • dodge/dodge attacks
    • Guardbreak
    • Allow the second strike of the zone attack to be:
      • feintable
      • soft-feinted with Guardbreak
      • omni-directional

    Add the following soft-feints to Glad's heavies:
    • Guardbreak
    • Dodge/dodge attack
    • Fuscins Ictus
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    A little goes a long way for Warlord

    Now let me be a realist for a moment, as great as. A rework may sound, Warlord isnt goi g to get one. However they seem to just want to tweak him instead. Animation changes and addons to move sets are expnsive for a tweak so lets look at some small tweaks that would really help the big man.

    1) Change: Stab is a chain starter Why it helps: This would help with mixup and open potential with no animation changes. Mixups into feints and finishers instead of just returning to neutral after EVERY stab, just kills momentum. This would help headbutt from neutral from being a move that only opens to neutral. This would help headsplitter leap combo to have more chain possibilities This would help headbut reposte and stab as going into combos from this move might make it more useable, especially if headbutt is guaranteed on this move. Making it guaranteed would at least give us one guaranteed attack off the full block This would help shield counter combo to actually go into a chain and may be worth using for mix up potential.

    2) Change: Top heavy finisher is unblockable.
    Why it helps: Mixup and feint to force reaction is huge in the current state and Warlord is the only heavy without one. No animation change needed, no damage in crease, just make it unblockable. Add this to the above stab change our Big buddy might actually become a harasser again. This will also help our ability to join in and help team mates without just being revenge fuel with headbuts and normal blocklable attacks.

    Those are two very minor and easy to implement tweaks that would open up a world of options for the Warlord. If i was to include one last change to really make Warlord a harasser with a good mixup it would be

    3) Change: Side heavy finishers can soft feint into headbutt Why it helps: this gives that one more way to get bash stab, and is another mixup that would allow him to keep people guessing and put him on the attack. This would take vey little animation change too as the start up to the side heavy the Warlord rears back to wind up, which is very close to the wind up of headbutt.

    Hope you guys like these ideas in the light of small changes that they could implement easily. I REALLY hope Ubi sees this and implements because id love my main to be more viable than he currently is at the moment.
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    Just wanted to jump in here and say a thanks to you all for taking the time to post your feedback. Really appreciate it!
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    man next time i gotta remember to actually particapate in that event to get the steel lol.
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    Some of the idea discussed here are over the god damn top lol. I don't think it's a good idea to super charge warlord with 12 softfeint and cancels, we don't need another BP mixed with Valk.

    Keep his kit simple.
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    His kit is already simple and many would like more depth. While some may not go in the direction I'm suggesting, I would like kits to have more complexity to make heroes less predictable and allow them to initiate combat from a range of ways. I'm more concerned about what the changes actually do rather than the number of changes received.
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