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    United We Stand has 16 years of experience of being a gaming clan, Over 3000 members with many different games that we enjoy together including Division 2, EFT, Valhiem and OutRiders.

    Division 2 is just one of the many games that we play, always looking for new players to join us and always having fun helping one another. Does not matter if you are brand-new or super experienced, team player or solo, 2 hours a week or 12 hours a day, we welcome everyone. We have a raid schedule and run it multiple times each week, along with teaching and training players new to the raid.

    A very friendly, positive happy bunch of gamers that enjoy hanging out together as we play Division 2. No hassle, relaxed, mellow and fun atmosphere where every one are equal. Always happy to help one another with what ever you are needing help with.

    If your looking for a new home, someplace fun to hang out or wanting to play games with fellow gamers then stop by and check us out anytime at all. Come visit our Discord and any questions you can message me on discord 24/7.

    UWS website https://www.uwsgaming.com/
    UWS forums https://forums.uwsgaming.com/
    UWS Discord https://discord.gg/unitedwestand
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    Stop by and check us out anytime

    Always active with many players online at all sorts of different times.

    You will find us very welcoming of new people, friendly, funny, chilled, relaxed, helpful and always around when you need us. We are always looking for a reason to jump in to help one of our members no matter what they are needing help with. Raids, PvE, Dark Zone, farming, missions, events, seasons, manhunts or anything you are needing help with, we are there.

    We are a mixture of both NA and UK players, ages are anywhere from 18 to 80! We welcome all players, all backgrounds, ages 18 and up, all play styles and always there helping one another while we have fun playing the game together.

    You will find no toxic behavior, no drama and no bad attitudes with us

    We have been around for over 17 years, support many different games and adding more all the time.

    Our Website---> https://www.uwsgaming.com/
    Our Discord---> https://discord.gg/unitedwestand
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    Feel free to pop in today
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    Hey guys!

    I went through your website and got into the discord however I cannot get the "Gain Voice Access" to do anything to where I can type the =agree command. I'm not terribly experienced with discord as i'm typically a solo player but definitely want to get into some of the raids and conflicts and things with other players. I'm Ben_upde in discord as well if anyone wants to offer an hand in getting my trial membership started. Hoping to be on for a few hours in TD2 this evening Mountain Time zone.
    See you guys out there!
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    Pop in today
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    still got slot for 2 people?
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    pop in today
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    Hey folks. Does anyone here play hardcore at all? I am in the asian timezone and I am looking for a group that plays hardcore sometimes.
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    Come join up today
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    bl2bl2's Avatar Junior Member
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    Aug 2019
    Hello, I play Division 2 without the WONY addon. Does UWS have level 30 clans as well?
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